Book Review – FEELINGS – Sunita Nanda by Ashish kumar

Feelings are part of life. Every moment, we feel something. Sometimes good or sometimes bad. Sorrow, grief, pain, bliss, happiness etc. our life cannot be imagined without feelings and emotions. If someone praises, we feel happy and if we are scolded or criticized, we feel sad. Our heart is delicate when comes to feel the […]

Book Review – FEELINGS – Sunita Nanda

Glad, overwhelmed, honored, grateful to read my first book “FEELINGS” review by my amazing blogger friend Ashish… Thanks a ton and ton🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Guys do check his blog posts as he is an awesome blogger💖💖 link below👇🏻

ashish vision

💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖


  1. Congratulations on the book and the review. It’s one of the biggest milestones in any writer’s life to become an author of a pubished book. All the best, wish you loads of succes on your writing journey.

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  2. Feelings Are Surely Wonderful Dear Soni
    And How Nice it is To Be Recognized For

    The Gift of Feelings You Give

    SMiLes i haven’t

    Had Any Book
    Review Yet

    With No
    Books’ for me Yet

    i Did Have a SMiLe
    Review at the Beach
    Celebrating My Wife Katrina’s
    Great Great Niece’s Birthday Yes
    That Makes me A Great Great Uncle too

    Dinosaur Age it Seems We Are With SMiLes

    Yet You See my Wife i Adore Looks Not much
    Different than 19 When We Got Married At 51
    on the Beach i Was taking Snaps of Her Wading
    in the Shallows With Her Bikini on And hehe the

    Second Most Lovely

    Young Woman

    on the Beach
    A Young Hispanic
    Woman Was with
    Her Child and Husband
    Taking Care of Her Child
    As With Socio-Economic Scarcity
    As Mexican Immigrants No Doubt
    Their Life Was Challenge anyway

    Looking Our Way in The Distance Looking
    At the Picture Later Closer As Zoom And High Def
    Brings i Saw the Warmth of Her Smile that my adoration
    of my Wife Brought Her Seeing that Love Doesn’t have to Die

    With Age

    Not Even


    my FRiEnD

    You Know as a Dude

    i Wasn’t always Evolved Enough

    in Emotional Intelligence to Understand

    Just How Deep The Warmth of a Smile Glows
    And Brings Hope Faith And Love More in Trust of
    This World So Challenging Life Brings Yes FEELINGS A




    keep giving
    sharing caring
    freely Dear Soni…

    Never Leave Art MiSSinG From HeART…
    Your Art And Poetry is Indeed All Very Feeling…

    It’s True i Still Have Those Pics And That Young
    Woman’s Depth of Warmth in SMiLes is Poetry

    That Never Ends

    With No


    to Say A Word…

    It’s True if Her Husband
    Adores Her as i Do my

    Wife at 51 Chances Are
    She’ll Smile as Warm As the Ocean Is Deep…

    Honestly i Can’t Imagine What’s More Valuable
    Than A Human SMiLe, A Cat’s Purr, A Dog Just Wagging Another Tale
    All The Art This Planet EartH BRings to LoVinG Colors of FLoWeRS FeeLinG mY FRiEnD..:)


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