Feedbacks on my writing contest!!

Hello guys, how are you all doing today? Hope all are safe at your places!! Friends this is a short post… As you all might know i organized a writing contest on my blog a month ago for the first time, i loved people response to it and i got wonderful 25 entries to the contest, selected top-9 winners and provided them E-Art/E-Writeup gifts, E-Certificates, Did collab post, Guest post with them etc as rewards. if you havenot seen already then below is the link to the contest☺️👇🏻

So i have made an online feedback form for you guys to fill and submit so that i can know positive and negative sides, improvements on organizing contest etc more and accordingly i can plan to organize next contests in future!!! Below is link to the form friends, do check it out and please please provide your inputs🙏🏻🙏🏻 and iff you are unable to open the form or facing any issue, then you can just post your suggestions or inputs on comment section, so that we can interact here as well☺️💖👇🏻

Online Feedback Form

💖💖Loads of love from Soni💖💖


  1. A wonderfully created contest, dear Soni. An honor to have been a part of it, and so grateful for the lovely gifts. One if which I get to see every day. ❤️ Thank you again my friend. ❤️❤️❤️

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