Guest post by Deano✍🏻🤝

Hello, my name is Dean Hodgetts and I am honoured to have been invited to write a guest post on Soni’s thoughts. I am a writer, Christian, newly married, work in a call centre and have lived in Portugal for 5 and a half years. I enjoy dancing, making music and living my life according to my faith. It is a real blessing to have come across such great bloggers and friends who encourage you to grow. Below is a poem written from personal experience, I’m sure some will relate to these words.

Title : Do you remember?

Do you remember when people had patience?
Do you remember when people had time?
Do you remember when life was a walk in the park and all the people were doing just fine?
Do you remember when families gathered?
Do you remember your friends by your side?
Do you remember when times were not easy for you that your loved ones were there to confide?

Oh how the world is so different!
Oh how I long for those days!
Oh how I long for my soul to connect to the beauty that shaped all my ways!
Oh how so many are distant!
Oh how depression has plagued!
Oh how the closeness of those that we love has faded like mountains in haze!

Do you remember the promise you uttered?
Do you remember you said you won’t quit?
Do you remember you said that no matter the cost you will always speak good with your lips?
Do you remember to love one another?
Do you remember that lifes about this?
Do you remember to love the one who gave life who soothes all your wounds with a kiss

Oh how this hope never fails!
Oh how the world should embrace!
Oh how the love that was poured out for us can change the whole human race!
Oh how this love can prevail!
Oh how our future awaits!
Oh how I know that my soul assured that one day I will enter those gates!.

Much love and God bless

Artwork- E-gift by @soni’s thoughts

Hello my amazing friends, so todays post is GUEST POST by One of the winners Deano from Gospel-road#66.1 as i mentioned on reward points for my top-9 winners, we will either do a collab post or a guest post, hence Deano choose to be a Guest on my blog to write his thoughts…Thank you so much Deano for becoming Guest and posting on my blog💖💖 i am really grateful💖so guys, I hope you all liked his writing and please follow his blog and support him ☺️💖 Keep reading and stay safe pals💖


  1. Yes, I’ll remember member the life in your words Deano. It’s an alive poem. Congratulations on your wedding. 💐💐

    I appreciate your initiative, Soni. Thanks for caring for us. 🤗❤

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