Writing contest by Soni✍🏻💖

Hola my lovely peeps, my amazing friends, my all time supporters how are you all doing… Hope all are safe at your places!!
So guys today i thought to do something different…
So this beautiful idea knocked my head, why not to organize a small interesting contest peeps?? Whats say?
So being a saggi i am totally nature lover person…
Hence i thought why not to Start a writing contest peeps?
So here are the rules…

1)Write anything on “nature” (poem/short story/quote/haiku/tanka) and any language is fine iff its available in googletranslator to english☺️☺️😉
2)Either post it in your blog post and share your post link with me in this post’s comment section or you can post it in comment or can mail me sunitadoll1990@gmail.com
3)Top 5 winners will get
**Dedicated E-art piece/writeups from my end.
(i will draw art for them or i will write something for them, well this will discuss with winners via email)
**Shout Outs on their blog post.
**Collaboration post or guest post on my blog.
**Their writeups will post on my insta story.
**Their writeups will post on my blogpost tagging them.
4)Last date to submit is 31st May 11.59PM IST
5)Result will be announced on 2nd June at anytime.
6)After 1week of the result, i will provide E-Art piece or writeups to them (as it will take time to draw 5 art pieces or write 5 writeups☺️)

So peeps hurry up, what are you waiting for…
Grab your phone or laptop or copy whatever with you and start writing your heart out on NATURE!!!
It will be really super fun, what do you think😃😃
No force to anyone, all are most welcome to participate🤗🤗 and obviously all are winners but as per contest have to choose top 5, so dont feel bad guys, as per me you all are top level writers already💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗

Will be waiting for your entries💖💖💖💖

💖💖Loads of Love from Soni💖💖


  1. Good Idea Now Yes
    Yet Never Another
    Competition for
    me Dear Soni


    That All
    Up When i
    Retired at


    No One
    Left to


    With Yet
    my Soul Evolving Now

    Of Course

    A World
    Where there
    Are No Contests

    Or Competitions

    Impossible As
    This Too Is




    A Tribe Of One🤗🙌

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