Lets have some sweet fritters😍

**Ripe banana
**All purpose flour
**Wheat flour
**Salt a pinch of
**Half spoon baking powder


1)Mash ripe banana properly.
2)Mix a cup all purpose flour.
3)Mix a cup wheat flour.
4)Pour sugar as per taste.
5)Pour a pinch or 2 pinches of salt.
6)Pour a spoon oil.
7)Mix half spoon baking powder.
8)Pour water and mix all well till it can be made small balls for frying
9)Make small or medium size balls and deep fry in oil.

And your sweet banana fritter is ready to taste😍❤️

Do let me know pals hows it and you liked it or not….stay in touch and be happy friends… See you soon💖💖💖💖



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