Drew The Queen’s Gambit in my style👩🏻‍🎨🎨🖌️

Her cute little face…
So simple and guileless!

From nonage days…
she was loaded with mess!

No where to go around…
She felt herself as if obtund

Slowly she assuaged her fear…
She acclimated with the world!

Her brain was too keen…
Always willing to attune new things!

Then she met a mentor…
Who incentivized her to learn better!

Like black and white squares in a chess…
her life too was full of sorrow and happiness!

She felt a strong connection with the game…
Briskly she learnt chess in no time!

With time passing by she became pro player…
She left behind all her dolorous tales far!

She started loving her life…
She started living her life!

From noone to someone…
She was an true inspiration!

Her dream to be success came true…
Checkmate become her only rule!

Finally she rose to fame…
She became the Gambit’s queen!

Hola my crazy, lovely friends… So i just came across this beautiful lady in Netflix, and her stupendous movie ‘The queen’s Gambit’ , then what got inspired and holded pencil and paper, drew her art but in my style as usual🎨🖌️ and wrote a small piece on her😃❤️ hows it guys, do let me know your views in comments🤗🤗❤️❤️ will be back with new post soon, see you till then…



  1. Dear Soni Cool

    Thank you for your poem.

    my answer:

    than her blue eyes
    me to her
    called me
    her red lips
    closed my mouth

    I lost every game
    sank into hers
    Essence depth

    and found me
    left alone
    at the beach

    before the waves hit
    of the ocean
    wounded in the heart
    me again

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  2. Thank you for mentioning this incredible story / show and giving it a new style.
    The white queen taller than all the other figures next to her.
    And yet bound to the board. Drawn to it, quite literally.
    Your chess queen (the figure) is beautiful, looks like a dress, made with fine garment. ♕💮

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  3. This is So Very Key Now
    How Lovely Existence
    Becomes All PArts

    Whole Prompts



    Of Life
    You Write
    Dance Sing
    Paint Your Soul
    And Do Master

    NoW iN FAct
    Beyond All
    Fame And

    In Art of
    Flow Bio-Feed
    Back Of Emotions
    Senses At Will of Happy


    Your Own

    In Imagination
    Creativity Fruits

    What You
    Make No


    Will Take
    Away Soni SMiles😊💫🤗

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  4. Cool artwork and poem, Soni. A friend in China said she referred to The Good Samaritan in the movie? Don’t have Netflix so will just have to wait for Redbox or Disney to pick it up, it ever. Thanx! c.a.

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  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and lovely drawing!!..

    Until we meet again..
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)

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