Layered Chocolate mousse ❤️

Hello peeps, my crazy lovely pals, whatsup… How are you all doing? Hows d mood? Well today again my hidden cook came into action and remembered preparing a super tasty chocolate dish which is Chocolate mousse, i often eat it caffe coffee day whenever i get time, so always thought to try making it at home and in the lockdown phase finally i did it referring youtube videos!! And how cannot i share it with you all!! Lets have a look friends😃

Me when i see chocolate and dishes made of it😝


*Oreo biscuits chocolate flavor
*Dairy milk plain Chocolate


1)Grind the oreo biscuits till properly grinded
2)Take out half of it and mix butter to it .(its for bottom layer of chocolate mousse)
3)Whip the cream till soft fluffy.
4)Mix rest half of the grinded oreo to the whipped cream till chocolate color and thats our mousse ready!! (middle layer)
5)Melt the plain dairy milk chocolate properly (its for top layering)
6)Now put the butter mixed grinded oreo in a cup which is for bottom layer of the chocolate mousse.
7)Then above it, pour the whipped chocolate cream till half of the cup(used for middle layer)
8)Again put rest of the grinded butter mixed oreo above the mousse.
9)Again put rest of the mousse above it
10)On top layer pour the melted chocolate evenly and our layered chocolate mousse is ready to gulp😃😋😋
11)For topping or decorating you can use dry fruits or oreo biscuit pieces or chocolate pieces as per your wish and taste.

Do let me know folks how you feel about this lucious sweet dish, and do try out at home, its simple and easy😃❤️

Will be back with new post soon, till then take care, stay safe and keep smiling dear ones🤗❤️



  1. It looks, Sony, that chocolate is a spiritual experience; just look at the enthusiastic comments!
    You make me laugh, nobody else addresses me as ‘peeps’! Brilliant. You are a tonic to the weary nation!

    Thank you.


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  2. Oh god this is amazing will surely make it. Me and my friends also have a blog, we are 8th graders and are trying our best to impress the readers. if anyone is into food can go check out these few blogs, and please follow.
    Hope u like it!

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  3. This dish looks really easy to make. I will try this out at home. I have always loved the chocolate frappe that they make at CCD and tried making it at home, turned out really well. You can try that out at home too… It tastes amazing!

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