Can you see my eyes?
Can you feel it being emotionless?

Can you stare deeper?
Can you see any anger?

Can you look closer?
Can you feel sorrow?

Can you stare a bit?
Can you see tears about to spill?

What do you think?
Do you have any hint?

Do you see limitless emotions tangled?
Do you see they are about to burst?

They say eyes speak more than words.
They say eyes are the path to express.

Then why i feel my eyes have become feelingless!!
Then why do not i feel any drop of tears!!

May be because i have embraced the pain?
May be because i feel life has no meaning?

I tried harder to fight back…
I screamed, shouted and cried with teary eyes…

But seems this time has paused…
Giving on my peace a full stop!!!

Waiting for my eyes to sparkle again…
Waiting for my eyes to shine again!!!

Heya folks… Whatsup… As you know me already, random thought knocked on door of my head😄 i opened and expressed hehehe… Do tell me how you felt friends… Will be back with other post, see you all, bye bye…🤗🤗❤️❤️



  1. बहुत इमोशनल कविता है ।शेर है कहिए इरशाद
    “आंखों की गुस्ताखियां ,
    आंखों का शर्म -हया से
    चिलमन का गिरना यूं सूर्ख रूख़सार से
    से महबूब को देख कर सूर्ख़सार होना
    आंखों की गु़स्ताखियां लबों की लरज़ीश
    आंखों से मोहब्बत का बयां होना।
    ऊर्दू लफ़्ज़ों के मिंनिग:-
    1.ग़ुस्ताख़ियां=गलतियां ख़ता
    3.सूर्ख़ =लाल
    6.सूर्ख़सार=शर्म से लाल हो
    7.लबों की लरज़ीश=होंठों का थरथराना
    8.बयां=ज़ाहिर या मालूम होना

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