Can you see my eyes?
Can you feel it being emotionless?

Can you stare deeper?
Can you see any anger?

Can you look closer?
Can you feel sorrow?

Can you stare a bit?
Can you see tears about to spill?

What do you think?
Do you have any hint?

Do you see limitless emotions tangled?
Do you see they are about to burst?

They say eyes speak more than words.
They say eyes are the path to express.

Then why i feel my eyes have become feelingless!!
Then why do not i feel any drop of tears!!

May be because i have embraced the pain?
May be because i feel life has no meaning?

I tried harder to fight back…
I screamed, shouted and cried with teary eyes…

But seems this time has paused…
Giving on my peace a full stop!!!

Waiting for my eyes to sparkle again…
Waiting for my eyes to shine again!!!

Heya folks… Whatsup… As you know me already, random thought knocked on door of my head😄 i opened and expressed hehehe… Do tell me how you felt friends… Will be back with other post, see you all, bye bye…🤗🤗❤️❤️



  1. Well expressed Soni! perhaps you’ve cried a river and there are no more tears for now even tho the world is saying otherwise. Maybe you expressed the emotions so well said of others hiding their feelings.. and truth.. Nice either way! 👏❤️👏

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  2. When my eyes turned into a facade, emotionless as well, deep down they burned and screamed.
    They even laughed at others out of good will, but never really showed what was hidden.
    And it actually was to make everyone feel better because people told me, why I have such a stare.
    On of my grandfather’s also got told by his father, why he had such a stare. He also had a big heart, fought for his family as best as he could and also supported others and was able to see things in other ways.

    The drawn eye of yours, it is deeper centered and strong seeming.
    But actually it wants to cry all day, if it could, if it would let out all buried deep down.
    It is shattered a little, a lot, has seen many things.
    And yet it sees beyond the dark and sees me. (Or others. ^^)
    An open eye, a scared eye sometimes, a little cold for some.
    But warm, and kind, without the sorrow it keeps closed, behind.

    It made my eyes teary, wanting to weep.

    Getting myself is often still a hard thing to do.
    I know it always helped me, I know it always made me feel better.
    But it still is so heavy… so impossible sometimes to get there.
    It is like some kind of logic that makes no sense.
    That because I think I will only get more and more pain, it seems to be pointless to let it out although I know, it will only get harder the longer I wait. That without crying, I will only feel more pain and when I could, or just having a few little tears, a little water building up, I already feel better. In my case tears are always something to celebrate in a way, for myself.
    Each time I was able to, I felt so much love inside me and somehow also around me.
    Although it is a relative thing because there is a lot of pain surrounding me.

    In front of others we tend to smile, to hide the pain, the sorrow and all.
    Because it seems when we cry or show emotions, we annoy and we fall.
    It depends on the people, not everyone is like this, not everyone wants others to hide.


    I am not sure what you might see in my eyes or would see and I think I haven’t seen yours.
    I just know that cats don’t like it when people like them in the eyes, at least that is said, but with me they usually do that and feel safe. Even random cats I have never known and just met on the street. And cats who are otherwise mean, respected me or even feared me.
    I am not sure whether it were my eyes or something else.
    But they didn’t do that with everyone and some even attacked my mother or father and other people. Me only in rare moments. Even other animals might act or feel this way, although I have more experience with cats and maybe some humans, than other animals.

    Love is bigger than fear or anger.
    So I might see love, hurt love in your eyes.

    And these words come in mind, depending on how I feel and think. Often I feel weird for writing them, thinking I wrote things which are weird, not okay or just from somewhere else. Sometimes it is and might be, after all what is going on and happened… there are so many wonderful people out there and beings and all. I don’t want all of them to be in such deep sorro, pain and misery. Haunted, hunted and thrown away. When I might stand in front of others, I can’t even say a few words at times. Or only stupid nonsense and nothing I really would have wanted to say. No matter who it is. Like when I want to share something amazing, which made me feel good or seemed to have been a very special thing and then I end up talking about boring or depressing things or just talk about things I hate, although I was actually feeling better before. Or it just gets ignored and misunderstood, until I think myself that it was probably unimportant or whatever.

    I am not the words I write. Sometimes maybe, but if it would just be them, I would be a very boring or broken one.

    But what I see and feel beyond all that, it barely even gets noticed by anyone and way too often was shattered by myself. When I see birds flying around and leaves in the wind. It isn’t just movement for me, although of course my eyes only see it this way. I dwell in it, warm up through it and see the magic it holds in a way. As if I fly with them or move back and forth in the mild or strong winds passing them by. And then I see cars, trucks and factories and all I feel is pain, anger and sorrow. There is no harmony, no movement, no colors. No matter how bright the paint on them might shine.

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  3. Nice poem. Eyes can be wonderfully expressive if someone bothers to look. I’ve pondered their potential to express emotion since COVID, with so much communication taking place via tiny Zoom windows on peoples’ computer screens. The lower fidelity can be a blessing or a curse, depending.

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  4. SMiles My FRiEnD
    We Are Human
    Not Machine
    Men And
    Or Women

    Yet We ARe
    Also Very

    Shaped By
    Our Environments
    Including Words

    To Feelings


    Our Human
    Potentials Each

    And Every



    Quite Ironically

    Shows Engage

    A Life of

    Cold Humanless
    Objective Cognition


    Wither Away
    Social, Spiritual



    Yes Writing Surely

    Helps Creatively

    As Well As All

    Painting Of Course…


    Your Field

    Of Work

    Is Information




    One Practices

    The More

    Oracle Art


    Of Mind

    Over Systemizing

    Way Of Architect

    Way of Breathing Life

    To Exercise To Thrive😁

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  5. Good day
    Soni Cool

    i can you
    Your words
    understand well

    when my fear
    eats me up
    the pain
    my body
    day after day
    shake me

    i can
    against the forces
    the nature
    do not fight back

    I want to
    of abandonment
    of loneliness
    hand in hand
    go my way

    Best regards

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  6. Yeah Soni, how often have I seen those eyes on others. Are they tired of trying to show expression. Are they disillusioned so much, depressed, vacant ? Are they sick to fuck’n death of having eyes to show to the rest of humanity anyway ? I must remind myself, they’re probably going through the same kind of things as me and have lost interest in how others might read or understand their gaze. There are many times I hope that friendly others read interest and connection in my gorgeous hazel eyes, but there are many other times when I would rather that they couldn’t see me or my eyes at all, I dont want to betray any feelings.
    It is dark, moody, resolved and judgeing of humanity, but I cannot help it. My eyes show so much for good or bad and often I just wish with all of my ‘soul’ that they didn’t.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts mate, I thought i’d share a few thoughts back.

    Love your style,

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