Simple Chocolate pastry😃🥧🍰🍫 at home!

Heya peeps, my lovely friends, how are you all… how was your first day in 2021… sweet? ok ok ? fantastic??
Well my day was normal, with eating cake and chocolate pastry to eating food cooked by my mom and sister!! So mine was foodie day, hehe…
Ok so from food, i remembered of a super tasty simple reciepe of chocolate pastry at home…


*Oreo biscuits (any flavor is fine, i used strawberry flavor)
*Eno 1 pouch


1) Take out the cream from biscuits and keep in different bowl.
2)Break the biscuits and grind them in grinder by mixing milk and make a semi thick paste.
3)Add sugar as per your taste.
4)Add eno powder and mix it very well and then keep the batter aside for 15mins.
5)Mix a cup of milk to the cream which we kept in a different bowl and whip them together till they become soft like pastry cream.
6)Greese oil in a pan nicely and then pour the batter evenly into it.
7)In low flame keep the pan by covering lid on it till 15 to 20mins.
8)After that, switch off the flame and let the cake cool down.
9)Once its cool, take it out on a plate and cut it into square shape and then again cut the square into 2 pieces.
10)Spread the whipped soft cream on one side of a piece and put the other piece on it and again spread the cream on top of it (i did not do as i spread it only inside part) and at last cut it totally into again 2 pieces and on top of them you can decorate dry fruits or chocolate chips and can enjoy the yumm taste of pastry… well mine was CHOCO STRAWBERRY PASTRY, you can use other flavors of oreo biscuits guys…


So do try it out at your home and let me know how you liked the taste or not in comment section pals, and i will be back with new post soon, till then stay happy and stay safe…



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