The Penable Award✍🏻🏆

Hola pals, today i am back with another beautiful award post ‘THE PENABLE AWARD’ nominated many days back by my friend Astha❤️ Thank you so much dear for considering me worthy for this award tag!!
So guys here i shout out Astha’s name and request you all to go through her posts.
She is a very talented blogger with amazing poems, quotes and the greatest thing is she has been a part of an awesome published book as a co-writer.
So pals do check out her posts!!
Here is the link to her blog 👇🏻


*Tag your post with the #penableaward
*Display the Penable award logo (above) on your post and follow Penable if you haven’t already
*Thank the person that nominated you
*Tell us what your writing talent is
*Answer three questions that you have been asked
*Nominate three inspiring people for this award.
Let them know of their nomination
*Give them three new questions to answer!

Thank you , Phoenix for your wonderful questions for the 1st award .

My Answers ✨

Q.1. What are your goals in life ???

My goal in life is first of all to lead a peaceful life and try to be happy and calm in any situation for sure! and also to keep my people happy always…🤗🤗
Then comes my job life, to reach more and more success and keep growing (ofcourse everyone want it, so am i…)
Then comes my little goal or i would not say it a goal, its my all time wish to learn guitar and sing along with playing it, and to open my own youtube channel on it (hmmm big one, lets see if ever i can do it…)
and also i have future set goals to grow in my writing and painting fields, lets see where i reach😃

Q.2. What is the deepest thing you have ever said or heard ?

Well i am fun loving and easy going girl…so i do not say deep words often, if ever i feel such i write down in form of poem only… So i clearly cannot remember saying such to anyone, sorry…

Q.3. Why did it begin blogging ??

Lockdown, depression, anxiety, irritation etc all these sad and bad feelings became mountain and finally bursted out to give birth to my sleeping writer soul in me!!


I am still exploring and experimenting on my writing skills… so i keep on trying to write more better ways… And whenever i feel sad or down then many thoughts start dancing inside my head and come out in words on my post!!!
I feel i am yet to discover my potentials so lets see how far i reach in writing journey!!😃

My nominees for the penable awards :

YOU ALL GUYS… I am inviting all of you to take part for this award if interested😃🤗❤️

Questions for you all are : Same as above❤️

Will be back with new post soon, and sorry pals i am not able to interact or read everyone of your posts as i am going too busy with office work since many days, so i would do go through your posts gradually dears whenever i get time…sorry again friends… and have a nice sunday!!



  1. Congrats on the award lovely and love your answers. Why you started blogging is wonderfully explained as to where writing comes from and those are emotions that fuels the fire to beautiful words and poetry🌹❤️

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  2. SMiLes Dear Soni
    There Are Deep
    Words And
    Hehe As Mickey
    Opening Up So
    Many Doors To
    Reach Goals
    In Life May
    Never Be
    With Hits
    Of Dopamine

    Same With Kermit
    Furiously Typing
    Away All Work
    No Play

    The Second Greatest
    Reason The Internet
    Was Created By


    Is To

    See Cozy

    Warm Cute

    Cat Photos

    Bringing Oxytocin

    All Natural Stress

    And Anxiety




    And Fuzzy Heaven

    Like Cute Puppy




    Just one



    A Thousand Words

    Of SMiLes

    Hehe Yet

    i Won’t
    Overflow Your

    Page For Remember

    If You Ever



    Real Bad


    A Pet Will

    Surely Help

    Restore What



    Miss Most

    Love Drug Within

    And one

    Day You

    Will Have

    Your Own


    To Hug
    To Bring

    You Comfort
    After A Hard

    Working Night😊

    And Of Course

    After that

    To Hug

    Then Maybe
    An Empty

    Of Rooms
    For Cat 🐈 Hugs Still!☺️

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