Take me to the world!!!

My zeentangle art

Take me to the world where there will be peace…
Take me to the world full of ice…
Take me to the world with honest human being…
Take me to the world with zero victim…
Take me to the world to breath free…
Take me to the world to play from heart and giggle like kid…
Take me to the world of magic…
Take me to the world to fly like a free spirit…
Take me to the world full of soothing music…
Take me to the world where i look around and find greenery…
Take me to the world where i can roam being stress free…
Take me to the world where i can be happily with my own family…
Please take me to such world which i know does not exist…
Still my heart always wish…just wish….

Heyaaa peeps, how are you all!! I am sorry i am not able to be consistent atall on writing as well as on painting… Life has become full busy with loads of stuffs…so could not get time to divert towards my interests unfortunately!!! Today somehow i got my ME TIME to dedicate on writing something pinched to my head… And as my sole motto is to just say that live your life happily and peacefully as possible as you can and let others also live their life in their own way, do not interfere in others matter unnecessarily if not required and let there be calmness around… So based on it i drew the zeentangle art many days back, so in this post i thought it to be best to include my art and share with you all!!! Will be back again with another post soon pals… Take care and be fine!!



  1. I like this beautiful piece of art with intricate designs, how long does it take to draw this?
    I wish we could make our world better and peaceful as there is no point in searching for something which does not exist.

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  2. Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that wordpress has blocked my ability to like posts forever and they sometimes delete my comments. They have given me no proper reason except that I am not a human being, just a spam bot. So, to appreciate your posts as I cannot like anymore sadly, censorship is real, I will visit from time to time and comment on your posts. Best wishes, take care.

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  3. Congratulations on 1000 followers!🤓 Dear Soni, I am really shy to ask but I am going to ask it anyways.🙁
    Do you accept guest posts? I really love your poetry and I wrote a poem long ago. But I am not sure whether my blog readers would like it as I never wrote poems before. Since your audience love poetry, I would be really grateful if you can find time to read and share my poem.

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  4. Oh lovely, when we relax and meditate our minds, such lands do exist for a time. You paint such a beautiful place with words, every smile takes the reader away from where they don’t want to be to where you put them. Nicely done.🌹

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  5. Beautiful Poem!

    What a nice place you described.

    I would love to go there.

    If I see you there, I will come say hi.

    I bet that place has unicorns and fairies too!

    Poetry is so under-appreciated in modern society I feel.

    More people need to check out what people like us do!

    Keep writing this awesome stuff as we all keep the dream alive!



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