Being a cartoon lover…❤️

Heya my dear friends, how you all doing guys… December month arrived and our so called corona seems to be settled down on earth, with completing its first birthday too!! So strange… And i was just pondering how this year went through many downs and less ups isnt it guys? Still with so much sadness and negativity around the world, one thing kept me engaged and refreshed is cartoon shows 😃 yeah you heard it right!!! I love watching cartoons alot and lot… Doesnot matter i am not a kid anymore that i know, but i cannot stop myself from watching them! So since childhood i have list of cartoon shows and characters as my favorites and MICKEY MOUSE is one of them❤️❤️ with my sister i used to watch it alot as soon as i come back from my school, will just freshen up and have little food and start watching the show with eyes and mouth open hahahaha… I keep myself imagining as well in their places and since then i had a hidden wish to visit disney land 🤩 and till now i have it in me too, lets see if ever i can make it up!!

So friends as you know how much i love drawing, so one day suddenly i felt like making my fav cartoon character in my style!! And how cannot i share it with you all!!! Here it is, mickey and minnie mouse art by me peeps.the cute romantic couple!!.. 😃❤️ Do let me know how it is in comment section!!! I have drawn many arts and would share with you soon in other posts pals…

Mickey and Minnie mouse zeentangle art

Will be back with other post folks, till then take care, stay fit, bye byeeee…



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