Being a cartoon lover…❤️

Heya my dear friends, how you all doing guys… December month arrived and our so called corona seems to be settled down on earth, with completing its first birthday too!! So strange… And i was just pondering how this year went through many downs and less ups isnt it guys? Still with so much sadness and negativity around the world, one thing kept me engaged and refreshed is cartoon shows 😃 yeah you heard it right!!! I love watching cartoons alot and lot… Doesnot matter i am not a kid anymore that i know, but i cannot stop myself from watching them! So since childhood i have list of cartoon shows and characters as my favorites and MICKEY MOUSE is one of them❤️❤️ with my sister i used to watch it alot as soon as i come back from my school, will just freshen up and have little food and start watching the show with eyes and mouth open hahahaha… I keep myself imagining as well in their places and since then i had a hidden wish to visit disney land 🤩 and till now i have it in me too, lets see if ever i can make it up!!

So friends as you know how much i love drawing, so one day suddenly i felt like making my fav cartoon character in my style!! And how cannot i share it with you all!!! Here it is, mickey and minnie mouse art by me peeps.the cute romantic couple!!.. 😃❤️ Do let me know how it is in comment section!!! I have drawn many arts and would share with you soon in other posts pals…

Mickey and Minnie mouse zeentangle art

Will be back with other post folks, till then take care, stay fit, bye byeeee…



  1. Wow!! That’s such a creative way to draw Mickey and Minnie mouse….
    Truly, we must never let the child inside us die…. Being a playful spirit and exploring the darkness will only help us shine in reality…
    Really loved your post 😊… Awaiting the next one!

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  2. Wowww you did an awesome job with this, Soni!!! 💜😍💜 it looks so great! I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s very cool and artistic!
    I’d really enjoy seeing more of your artwork! 💕👍🏼

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  3. Henna Mickey
    Mouse Art
    So Intricately
    Beautiful indeed
    Cartoons And


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    Magic of
    Emotional Intelligences
    Existentially Necessary
    For Any Real
    As Let’s Face
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    All Colors
    Of Life
    Them All
    Within And
    Actually The
    Gas of Cognitive
    Executive Functioning
    Laser Focus With
    Stellar Short
    Term Working
    Memory And
    Long Term
    Memory True…

    Emotions Subconscious

    Glue Now That Tunes

    Our Minds


    A 12 Cylinder

    Ferrari Racer






    Lose The

    Youth of
    HeART All
    Colors You






    Of Your


    Colors of





    Free To

    You Breathe 😁☺️

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  4. I loved your write. Let an old man bore you with questionable wisdom. Do not ever give away or outgrow your amusement and pleasure from cartoons, from humor, from breathing. Cartoons are written by very clever people, true philosophers and usually conceal real wisdom. Humor authored usually by the same kinds of people, teaches us how to realize each day a treasure. Breathing? Well, that goes without saying. When you do your art, make sure it is your art, share with your audience your wisdom and your humor. Do well.

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  5. cartoons are very important for our development (as children) and to cultivate our imagination as adults. I see them and still love them today. Soni you always make me happy! I love your blog 🙂

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  6. And hi Sooni,
    Your drawing is super pretty, I love it, it looks like a tiny henna tattoo pattern, like on the hands;)
    It’s super beautiful and very sophisticated as a realization,
    Well done !!

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  7. A great post, Soni. And, your artwork, as always, is beautiful.❤️.❤️I grew up just down the street from Disneyland. Haven’t been there in a very long time though. You will get there one day. Be prepared for overstimulation.😂

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  8. Please do visit Hong Kong some day and you will enjoy the best of the Disney Land, morning and until evening can watch the various parts of Disney as well beautiful fireworks to end the show of the day. There are many top grade hotels can stay inside Disney world as well its a super fun irrespective if the age. Most satisfying moments ever with disney. Welcome to Hk in 2021 after the covid trouble ends.

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  9. I love your passion for Disney. I think both Disney Land and World are both amazing places. Most everyone who goes, no matter how crowded, is there to enjoy the parks. A very “safe” feeling. Hope you make it to one soon. Be well.

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