Hollaaaa pals, whats up… all doing good??
I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award days back by my sweet friend Athira.
So first of all a big thank you to Athira for considering me worthy for this award🤗
Athira is a tremendous blogger who keeps posting motivational quotes, amazing poems, thoughts always!
I shout out here peeps, do plz do have a look at her posts, you would love them all!!❤️
Here is link to her blog👇🏻
Go quick quick and have a look at her posts and please support 😃🤝


*Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
*Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
*Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
*List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Athira’s Questions :

1)Rate your writings out of five and with reason.
*Mmmmm i leave it to you friends, as for me my writings are good, still on the road to improve, so you guys decide what ratings you would give me!!!😃

2)Define the meaning of life and your purpose
**Well too deep!! Life is love, happiness and positivity as per me! You be happy then you can spread happiness all around. You love yourself and then you can spread the selfless love around. You stay positive alway, in any adverse situation too, then you could give tons of positive vibes to others!!
My purpose is simple guys, I try staying happy and at peace and try bringing out smile on face of my own people and friends always!
Live happily and let others live too🤗❤️

3)Your role model and why you choose the person
*My parents and sister are my role model forever. As i have grown up seeing them, their innocence, their hardwork, their selfless love, care, affection, kind heart and everything…
So they are my idols🤗❤️

4)Your humanitarian values to the society
*Society should change their way of thinking first!!
They should change their judgements on girls and boys, change their thoughts on girls life, dressing sense, traditions etc.
They should stop imposing self made rules on everyone!
Instead they should come out together towards ending crimes, rapes, misbehaviors etc and try making a better or best free to live culture… I believe!!

5)Your priorities in life
*My family and friends are my top most priority and apart from it ofcourse my health and my career!!

6)What do you value in relationships
*In any relationships i value the ‘SPACE’, ‘TRUST’, ‘HONESTY’ ‘RESPECT’, ‘CARE’ the most.
If these factors are alive then the beautiful flower called relationship would blossom forever❤️❤️🌼🌼

7)Your concerns to this present world
*Not to take everything carelessly or taken for granted keeping in mind the present ongoing horrible situation… Stay careful, stay cautious and healthy.

8)Are you a successful blogger and why you chosen this platform
*I cannot say i have become a successful blogger yet… As i am still on the way to improvise myself, my writing styles, my thoughts. So i may say i am on my way to become successfull, it sounds somewhat fine right pals?😃
Why i chose this platform is becuase: As i have mentioned before also that i prefer writing than talking since childhood.
I feel words can express alot which talks cannot…
I have written a post on this thought already friends, do have a look❤️❤️

9)Whats your contribution for others
*I cannot say much on that. I try to involve myself and contribute as much as i can on various situations or places, whether its home or office or amongst my friends!
For example lets take of blogging, here i try to contribute by encouraging other blogger friends and commenting my views on their posts in a positive way!!

10)Empathy or sympathy , which one you opt and why
*Well it depends on situation a person is in i believe!!
If a person is in miserable condition then i would definitely sympathize with him/her.
If a person is honest and trying to express himself or herself in a good way, then i would empathize with him/her…

11)Self Introduction or self assessment
*Well i am an ambivert, adventure lover, foodie, peace loving, full kiddish from heart type girl.
I do not interfere in others personal space and do not prefer the vice versa.
I like a joyful place than a superficial one…
I prefer few true from heart friends than tons of fake ones…
I prefer speaking directly than round and round talks.
I love spreading smile on my own peoples, friends face!!
Thats all i can say about myself here or else i would end up writing pages!!🤔😆

My questions same as Athiras as i loved answering her lovely questions so i would definitely wanna see you guy’s answers too!!❤️

Thank you once again my friends for always supporting me, loads of love to you all.🤗🤗❤️❤️
Keep smiling😊😊



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