Is this what she wants?

I Tried this art with Reference from Google

They say “listen to your elders as they are always right!!” She thought “so are they always right?? Does they always show us right path to follow? If so, then why today i am not happy? Why i feel like chained? i did listen to them but i dont get the peace ever!! If they are always correct then why today i do not feel like being here and wanna go very very far?
The ‘free spirited’, ‘do whatever you feel like’, ‘live your life in your way which makes you happy’ girl is lost somewhere today in parents, societies so called rules, traditions!!
This is not the life i wanted ever!
I did not want to be tied, i wanted to fly… i wanted to dance, to sing, to travel, to see the world…. but why this!! Elders are correct so what about my own wish!! what about what i want to do?? Answer : Why always compromise! Why always have to listen to society? Is it hard coded rule to obey each and everything which society demands!!! Are they some superpower human beings to order me, to impose their thoughts, rules, traditions on only me!!
Being a girl means this is the only aim in life which elders want from me!!!

What if i say NO!?
What if i just leave somewhere ALONE!?
What if i want FREEDOM!?
What if i take decision on my OWN!?
Am i so WRONG!?
Is it a sin to do what i feel right for my OWN!?

If yes, then let me do the SIN
As i cannot stay being a different version of ME!
As i cannot compromise with the life which i dont feel like MINE
As i just cannot stay tied in CHAIN!
And i know if i am wrong, blame will be on ME
I accept the fact and ready to fly taking out my FREEDOM WINGS!
Let me go and take my own DECISION
Let me have deserving peaceful life of my OWN!
Let me just be ME
Dont wanna compromise and lead a dual LIFE!
I dont want to be called a dependent WOMEN…
I want to establish identity of my OWN!


She got engrossed in her thoughtful world…
Sitting near her window, with hope having a free life and her own colorful world!!!

Another old art referred from google and tried drawing😊

–A random thought…

Heya peeps, i was not getting concentration and mood to write since many days…
Finally got something in my tiny head so posted…hehe
This time tried out a mix of some simple writings and some poetic style!!
Hope its ok friends😃
Do let me know your opinions on my comment section…
Will be back with other posts (Hope i get some thoughts and the will to write😬)

Stay safe and happy guys…❤️



  1. In my days, they were full of wisdom; in these times, I doubt them a lot, some of them don’t display good morals. So I would say you need to discern who is giving you advice. Wow, what a great post-Soni; I love it!

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  2. We all need to vent sometimes mate & I like your style. It reminds me of the first thing that really improved my writing:
    Getting as much important information and beautiful description into as few words as possible.
    It lets me either be quite brief or get a hell of a lot of content into a longer piece. It works for me.
    Whatever you do mate, be you. We don’t dig another Soni Cool, we dig you.

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  3. Blessed Are Free Spirits
    Not Everyone Seeks
    And Finds This
    Freedom Out
    oF All Tradition
    Of CuLTuRES
    And Religions
    Together in
    Resistance to
    Change But it
    Is Very True
    Is Change
    In Continual
    Flux Of Balance
    Without Wings
    And Misfit
    To Never
    Sprout More
    Colorful Wings
    Than the
    The Freedom
    Within Gift
    WingS ETernAlly
    Free Seeking Finding
    New Colors of Balance




    Dance And Song
    Free Closer to


    Within to

    Give and Share Free

    With Kindness With
    Least Harm For All


    Brush of

    Love Masterpeace

    Of Life Breathing Free

    i Love All You Do




    A Prayer

    For Your

    Wings From: me to: You

    With SMiLes So

    Free to Be

    🙌😊🤗 You🦅

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  4. I love this. I have some girls that need to read this. I’m saving this post for them.

    In the blogger award, you mentioned that you do draw. I didn’t know it’s as awesome as this!

    That’s why your posts are unique. You write beautifully well and then compliment it all with amazing drawings of yours!

    I love this. It builds your writing and drawing skills all together 👏🏽

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  5. I really enjoyed this combination of drawings, poetry, and narrative-writing. I have felt some of these emotions when it comes to the way that society says girls should be (skinny, pretty, just house wives, etc…) Sometimes we just need to let everything go and be our true selves. Well said!

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  6. It was more than ok Soni.. It was awesome along with your art work!! Yes, we must listen to our inner voice and break the chains that bind us. That is our birthrite! I’ll look forward to more thoughts soon!!! ❤️👏❤️ Cindy

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  7. Yes, we make our own decisions.
    And we also want to later know that it was only our fault in case something went wrong, but also be able to say “I did this because I wanted it”, when we had a great time or started to work on a project or just travel. Often I feel as if everyone except me is a machine in my village. Although they are still human, but they act as if they are not. At least most of them.
    I mean my father just yesterday almost tried to force me to cut the grass in my garden since everyone does that and everyone says that, so it has to be. He also cuts my other plants, my trees and basically tries to manipulate, “fix” (more like breaking, but yeah) everything in my house until it is so “fixed” that it is beyond repair.
    I just feel better when I find some people here in the internet who are also thinking that this is madness or at least that there is something wrong with all of this.
    And when I was able to speak up and talk with my mother and we agree on things, since she actually was a nature loving, strong woman before religious groups, society and my father broke. Sometimes she acts even worse than I acted as a little child and my father almost always is worse than I acted as a baby. I mean I even escaped my own baby bed which had bars, so I wouldn’t escape. I filled water into glasses with around 2 years old could speak, walk and even make breakfast. And be creative, optimistic, able to imagine anything and get along with anyone. I think I got most of it from my mother because she also had a lot of this. If only they all would realize that they are destroying earth, life and everything around them, while they claim to help and whatever. My mother, at least when I was able to drag her out of her hopelessness, is the only one I can talk to face to face. Well, there are other people, but I am too scared to go outside during daytime because of the other people. I thought about a girl from my village who was in my eyes the intelligent in person 😀 I hope she still lives here. Maybe I should talk to her some time soon. Why do people not realize that we already have everything we need. Why do they always need more? So much more that in the end they get less because they make garbage, instead of useful things. In the past things were made solid, to “live” long and not break fast and also useful and with thought, joy and actual knowledge or experimenting. These days they make things which shouldn’t even be real. Help……..
    And they trust machines and AI although people when I was younger still said, that computers are fast and maybe can save a lot of data, but they are stupid. So if people trust stupid machines, what does it make them? Scary, frustrating and depressive thoughts…. but sadly the truth.
    I mean if most people would just think for themselves, meaning learning on their own, we could have some kind of paradise. Instead we have some kind of hellish concetration camp society culture. Even a lot of Netflix series, movies and TV shows warn for another holocaust or worse and people are like: “We have to continue our work, otherwise we lose our job and have no money.” And I am like: “Why do you always try to help others to kill you? Why can’t you just let nature grow, just grow back and regain the balance? We don’t need more and more, we need way less. WHY CAN’T WE JUST STOP FOR SOME DAYS?!?! I also could do that and it was great, until I understood that I am a minority…

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  8. Well said. I will listen to others but trust my experience. There are so many artificial “rules and regulations” that we receive from social conditioning. To seek actual freedom comes at a price and I think it’s worth it. Thanks for this post.

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  9. I think some people mean well. It doesn’t come across well with some people but I believe there are those who need to learn on their own.


  10. I totally understand where you are coming from in this post. We can have our own lives as long as we are careful. Breaking free is difficult for girls in India which is not right. I wish you success in finding your freedom flying through the air travelling the world Soni. All the best !

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