Tandoori chai (Tandoori Tea)☕

Heya peeps, awake?? Had breakfast? Tea?? Coffee?? Hahaha yeah i know its not same time everywhere, its ok, no issues, breakfast time comes for all atleast, isnt it? You must be wondering why this girl is asking about all these now… Ok ok ok let me explain… But before that let me ask you all, any tea lover there?? If yes then pals be ready to have a look at my post…

So today i am gonna share with you all an super refreshing Tea’s receipe thats called TANDOORI CHAI (Tandoori Tea/Tea made in soil pots over charcoals) tan tanaaaaaaa so lets go and see👇🏻

Frankly i was not fond of either tea or coffee atall since childhood… Only i would taste tea a bit when my mom would make me eat Bread or Roti or Parantha or Puri or biscuits dipped in tea, hehehe have not tried yet??? Do try once by dipping them in tea and eating, its too yummmmmm. Later on my friends made me drink coffee and since then i developed a liking towards coffee and till now you know already i love it❤️❤️

But but but, once i had a sip of This special tea in hyderabad and you wont believe i took 2 cups of tandoori tea as it was damn tasty i swear!! So i thought why not to give it a try making my own?? So no special receipe, its still tea only but difference is made in soil cups or small soil pots over charcoal, yes i cannot make it with charcoal at home ofcourse but i managed with gas stove as well😛😛😆😆

**I bought a small soil pot first and kept it under sun to dry out completely, remember guys the pot should be totally dry, or else no proper taste would be there…

**Made Masala tea normally how me make by adding Milk, Tea powder, (Ginger, black pepper, Clove, Cardamon, Cinnamon) crushed, and sugar as per taste…

**Switch on gas, put the soil pot on it till it becomes dark brown or black (this is how i gave home tandoor hahaha on gas without charcoal) burn it properly from outside and inside too.

**Keep a big bowl and put the burnt small soil pot inside it, then filter out the tea already made on the soiled pot, yummm you would see bubbles coming out of it and your tandoor tea is made!!! A demo shown below which i made once…👇🏻

Hot and yummm Tandoor Tea!!

So pals if you really love tea, then you should try this out at home… I am sure you would love it…(Just be careful while burning the soil pot on gas and when pouring tea on it, pour it from distance)

Have your teas and let me know how you fel t on comment section folks… 😃😃



  1. You reminded me of me as a kid. I too would use tea only as a dipping. After that, I would ask my mom to have it. As I grew up, I preferred coffee, I still don’t drink tea. But when I’m out traveling, I like to try out new things. And I will definitely try this one. Seems like a trend these days. Nice post!

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  2. I’m a huge tea fan. I can’t get through the day without some good Early Grey – but maybe that’s just the Britain in me XD Wow, I’ve never seen tea made like that before. During the christmas break I’ll have to give it a try.

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  3. Ok, then I will use the outdoor gas tank stove my husband bought for me to make a kitchen outside by the pool area, which by the way it’s a project that has been pending for years and it has not been completed. I have access to the stove because he put it in the pool room during the hurricane season and it was very useful when we lost electricity. We just opened one of the windows to prevent fire hazards or smoke build up from cooking. Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t want to attempt making it on the electric stove and to find out the hard way it would not work.


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