I embrace myself with colors…🌈
To meet you oh my dear!!🤗

I roam here and there…👈🏻👉🏻
To gift you something special!💐

Whenever i see you…👁️
I just glued to you!🤗

Your bright and glowing skin…
Attracts me always, yes i mean!💞

Your body’s odor…😊
Makes me go wonder!!😃

We are an amazing pair…💞
Our love even god admires!👏🏻

But this world do not let us unite…😒
they try to make me tied!🤐

They forbid me to love you…🥺
they prohibit to come near you!🤫

But still my love for you will not lessen…😍
I will cross all hurdles and come to you oh my honey!🥰

You do not be heart broken…😃
I will break all chains and return!🤗

I will not let your charm fade away…😊
And my glow to evaporate!😃

Let the world try as much as they can…👍🏻
But they cannot make our love forbidden!🤝
I will love you till my end!!!💗💓💞

This is a love note to you oh my flower…🌹🌻
From your honey butterfly lover!!❤️🦋❤️

Hey friends… Another random thought popped out of my mind with the view of butterfly sticking to flower, so thought why not to write a small love story on them? Well its my first attempt to write a love story poem, hope you all like it… Let me know your views on comments guys… And have a nice weekend everyone😃❤️



  1. This poem is a love poem that lovers would purchase worldwide
    it is a poem of two connecting in love that appears meant to be
    a love that will never disappear, a love always in gear that glue two lovers together forever
    only one could write such a poem of love who know how to love, be loved
    and know how to return love!

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  2. Beautiful poem ❤️
    Love is love… you can’t forbid that
    I don’t like when religion or race or anything like that tries to forbid me from anything. I don’t listen to that lol
    And also – a forbidden fruit is a temptation anyway – we are human, you can’t deny love
    But only if it’s true… you have to be sure is true and not because is forbidden fruit.

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