She was scared..🥺
She was petrified!😟

Her legs were trembling high..😒
She became stagnate!🤐

Her heart was tuned to the music…❤️
But her body was as if paralyzed!👩‍🦼

With each beats, her hands shake up..👐🏻
With each words, her soul moving up!👼🏻

Suddenly she felt a string pulling her upwards…😟
choking her neck, hands and legs inwards!!🙍🏻

She badly wanted to break free and flee…😇
But she did not have any way to think!😖

She lost control on her body…😐
She kept moving side to side!👈🏻👉🏻

A bit up, a bit down…👆🏻👇🏻
Then turning round and round!👉🏻👈🏻

She was exhausted, she was frantic…😰
Waiting for the music to go on mute!!🤐

She wished to dance like noone is watching…💃🏻
She wished for breaking bounds and flying!👯

She wanted to see the world…😃
But not being tied!!😟

She woke up from her deep thoughts as the music stops…😦
She heaves a sigh of relief closing eyes!😌

Again the fear creates home in her head…😳
Tomorrow is again a forceful dance for you my puppet!!😢

She with broken heart accepts the fact…😒
She cannot be dancing with freedom as she is a puppet!!🕴🏻,yes she is a puppet!!!

Just a thought on Puppet dances which often we watch, i am sure many of you have watched such shows, so felt like if i would have been in the place of puppet, how i would feel and expressed in poetic way!!
Yeah i know each and every human are God’s puppet here saying is there…
dancing to his tunes, commands without any if and but…!!!
How is it friends, do let me know your comments ❤️❤️



  1. It is a heart breaking poem.
    The wish to be free, but the fear to be wrong.
    The wish to dance, but to be judged and fooled.
    How the music gives life and it is too much to handle.
    As if it wasn’t meant to be.
    But what if I tell you, that this is all it should be about?
    About this feeling to move along with the music.
    To feel good and strong and powerful through or just playful and small.
    Not the forceful wires of an almighty hand, but a loving sound to make you feel safe and home and immortal. Or just there in the moment. ❤ 💜

    ( I hope I didn't ruin what you wrote. It is even better with the emojis next to the lines. Really makes it all better understandable from an emotional view, since the words can't always express what one was feeling or thinking, while writing them. 🥰 )

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  2. i surely Have
    God Living
    Within Dancing
    Free Above So
    Below Within
    All Around
    Arms Legs Feet
    Hips Torso Hands
    Fingers Head Toes
    Soul Heart Mind Spirit
    Free but
    It’s True
    The Clothes
    Still Of Politics
    In Church and
    State and Work
    And School all
    Hook Us Up
    As Political
    On Strings
    Sadly Most
    Folk Never See
    The Strings Attached
    Strip all Those
    Dance Free
    As You’ve
    In Your
    Poem A
    Of Strings
    One Sees
    But Those
    With Enough
    Pain And Numb to Escape
    With SMiLes🌊🕺🌲🙌

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  3. I love your drawing (bright vivid colors) and your poetry. I follow my heart and trust that the Holy Spirit leads me when I
    ask for His guidance. Plenty of political strings but I pray as it is hard to believe so much of what we hear. Love ❤️ to you and yours my friend. 🤗💕❤️

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  4. Please soni food is eaten by those who are alive. May you not be victim of police brutality. Show your support to end police brutality. Everyone’s voice matters. Help end police brutality by posting with the hashtag #EndSarsNow which is trending right now

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  5. Deep thoughts. I think some people are puppets of the god(s)they have been taught to believe in or that they have created in their own minds. We imagine god to be like the people who have controlled or manipulated us against our wishes. But if god is loving and gentle and playful and passionate then you don’t have a puppeteer you have a dance partner. I still let my dance partner lead and I often have no idea where he’s going to take things. It doesn’t work unless I trust him and I won’t trust a cruel or selfish person. If God is love then it’s making friends with the wind. 😉 He does lead me through some pretty sad painful stuff but it’s still beautiful even if it’s heartbreakingly beautiful. Great art work!

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  6. One thing I like about God is that I am not his ‘puppet’. He gave us free will and I am free to dance to my own rhythm and not even include Him in my life if I choose. There are a tremendous amount of people that seem caught in the dance directed by the ‘other’ : drugs, anger, fear, etc. and I pray they will break those puppet strings and feel the freedom to really dance to the beautiful tune life plays. Keep writing your beautiful poetry . The world needs more beauty!

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  7. The master of puppet’s is pulling our strings. Guiding through life, no we do what we please. He likes to keep us all safe and warm, but some of us have got to many thorns. That’s a thorny, keep smiling.

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  8. Beautifully written. Sometimes, I feel like I am a puppet, dancing to other tunes/whims and it was frustrating and exhausting. If puppets were to have the ability to think and feel, what would they feel? I feel like you have done a brilliant job in expressing the same.

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  9. Clearly, you have great empathy. Many people do feel trapped by the circumstances of their lives, or controlled by someone else. I cannot, however, agree that God is a puppet master. While God is sovereign, He gives us free will to make our choices. ❤

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