A Prayer To Lord🙌🏻🙏🏻

Hey folks, i have written a prayer to Lord Sai in hindi and also have translated sentence by sentence in english… do have a look😊😊

Oh Lord Sai,
Show some kindness to human being!

Save the world from this pandemic…
Now all hope only on you Sai🙌🏻

Please show mercy on people…
All are tired of this long going battle!!

Have heard you show divination…
Now why are you sitting with no motion!

Whole world is praying…
Save us oh lord sai!

You lessen everyones sorrow…
You understand everyones trouble!

In this difficult phase, please do not leave our hand…
You can only give life to a stone!

You light fire from water…
You can only save us from this pandemic, no wonder!

Small, big, poor and rich, you never differentiate…
You embrace everyone whoever come at your place!

You have never dissapointed anyone…
In this situation, kindly come oh lord, hold our hand!

Your miracles are not only in Shirdi but everywhere…
Please accept everyones prayer and take this virus somewhere!

Countless deaths are happening day by day this year…
When this cruel pandemic will disappear!

Every kind of issues solve your ‘Bibhuti’
I hope everyone apply it and get some peace!


Sai babaa
karo kripa…🙌

Duniya ko bachalo is keher se.
Aub to aas lagaye baithe hain sirf aapse..🙏

Daya karo prabhu apne desh wasiyon pe.
Thak gaye hai aub to ladh ladh ke…🙌

Suna hai chamatkaar aap dikhlaate.
Aub kyu ho shaant baithe…🙏

Sara jag aapko hai pukarta.
Rakshya karo hai palankarta…🙌

Sabke dukh aap ho harte.
Saare pida aap ho samajhte…🙏

Is kathin ghadi me sath na chodo bhagwaan.
Aap hi dete ho jeevandaan…🙌

Lagate ho aap paani se aag.
To kar hi sakte ho prabu is krur vyaadhi ka upchaar…🙏

Chote bade, ameer gareeb me aap kabhi pharak nahi karte.
Jo bhi aaye aapke saran me, aap usko apnate…🙌

Aapne kisi bhi byakti ko kabhi nahi kiya niraas.
Darshan do sai, is kast ki ghadi me chahiye aap ka sath…🙏

Aapke karuna ko shirdi hi nahi sara jag hai tarase
Pukaar sunlo sabki, mukti do is vishanu ke keher se…🙌

Najane kitne mrutyu ghat gaye is saal.
Kab hoga ye bhayankar mahamari samaapt…🙏

Har prakar ka rog dur kare aapka Bibhuti.
Asha karti hun usko laga ke mile deen dukhi, peedeton ko thodi shanti…🙌

Jai ho saibaba jai sairaam
Aapko koti koti pranaam🙏🙌

Hope you guys liked the Prayer 😊 and hope it really reaches to lord🙏🏻

Have faith on God😇 Everything will be allright and soon we all will be out of this situation🙌🏻
Soni winding up until next…❤️❤️


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