Cry as much as you can…😢
But after that should not be any pain!🙂

Cry out loud…😫
But then no sorrow!🙂

Sometimes its completely ok to sob…😪
But then there should not be any bad mood!🙂

Let the tear drops overflow…😭
After that no why and how!🙂

Cry and cry and take out all your agony…😔
But then dont keep regrets if any!🙂

Feel shattered and cry out louder…😩
But then embrace smile remember!😊

Its a short and uncertain journey…🤷🏻
Holding onto tears wont lead you to path any!!👎🏻

Clean your teary eyes along with all mental torment…🥺
Move ahead in your way with full of confidence!😎

Enough now of crying, enough of sobbing…✋🏻
Get up, gear up and fight for your destiny!!🙅🏻‍♀️

You are not alone in this…🤗
Dont be at all hopeless!😟

Shout, fight, do not break…😖
Keep high spirit and progress!!!🏃🏻‍♀️



  1. Wow, it’s incredible how you were able to draw the reflection in the eye. You’re absolutley right, crying isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a healthy release for the body. It’s okay to sometimes feel sad because it makes the good times even more precious.

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  2. Soni, emotional piece. I used to live in Greece. A Greek neighbor lost her husband, she rent (sobbed) for two days. I saw her some days later and she was beaming with love. It seemed to me she mourned without holding anything back, which then freed her to be joyful.

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  3. It’s okay to cry. I have always professed – even among my soldiers before – that crying does not make you a lesser man. It is an emotion that needs to be released, otherwise it’s all pent-up inside and it could burst in a more dangerous, more damaging fashion.

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