She looks upon the sky…
Loved the pictursque view of clouds and sun playing side by side…
She stands still there

and feels like dissolving in the air…
She holds flower in her hand,
in hope to give it to her friend…
She waits and waits…
Watching the passing time…
She feels immense excitement to meet her new friend, the one and only friend she has in life..
As she was always a lonely soul throughout..
She was not sure, why noone there…
to befriend her, is it because of her looks?, is there no beautiful soul!!
She becomes sad in the thought of lonliness…
She ignores her anxiety and keeps waiting…
Hours by hours passes by, her new friend does not arrive…
Sky becomes black from blue…
She has just no clue…
Was her new friend also same like others?
For those only looks matters!!
She felt cheated, she felt saddened…
She accepted the bitter truth that she has to be lonely again, and again!!!



  1. Aw this is so sad yet so beautiful! I love the use of ellipsis especially, makes your poem seem wandering and the girl so lost and lonely. 😥

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  2. Those who only care about the look, don’t really want to know you.
    They only want an actor.

    Wonderful words, but full of sorrow and a deep hope to not end up alone forever.


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  4. So very sad, that especially men, see beauty only skin deep, and yet the true and everlasting beauty, lies hidden away in the soul…as we age the skin ages and beauty loses its shine, ah. but the soul..the soul shines even more, with every year.

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  5. A perspective that isn’t presented often. So many strive to look beautiful on the outside or envying the beautiful, not realizing that beauty has its disadvantages. Like the woman in your poem, those with outward beauty can have a hard time telling who truly loves them and who just likes the way they look.

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  6. If love show-up
    love maystay
    love may go astray
    for the loney soul love didn’t arrive this time
    that is fine
    love isn’t always kind
    the Lonely Soul has lost nothing
    love always bring something
    even love can’t satisfy a Lonely Soul 100%
    only God can fulfill a Lonely Soul 100%

    By: Van Prince

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