She was exhausted and sat in her room.
Suddenly a crying voice echoed in her ears!!
She could not think at first who it could be, as the sound continued, her heart skipped a bit.
She thought to go outside of her room to have a look, but could not see any figurine…
She came back and sat surprised!!
Slowly that voice surpressed…
After sometime, she went to wash her hands, saw a light flickering in adjacent room!!
She peeped inside a bit, room was emtpy!!
She switched off that room’s light and went inside her room.
Few minutes later, again a crying, trembling voice deepened, she was like, oh god damn!!
Again she had to go outside to see, and again the flickering light!!
Oh my godness, what the damn it is!! She had a bit of fear inside, with that she moved ahead to go inside the room…
With the on and off of the light, her body shivered a bit..
She looked around everywhere, in a thought of anybody there??
Suddenly again the crying, sobbing voice…
She freezed for a bit there, unable to move here and there…
In a second a big banging sound reverberated, and everything became sssshhhhhhhh….
And a weird humming voice murmered near her, saying hssssss, i caught you!!!, she badly wanted to run but it was like someone holding her legs tight, she just screamed and screamed and fainted over there…
The next day, when she opened her eyes, found herself lying on her bed!!
She could not think if it was reality or was a horrible dream!!
She just could not think!!!

Sorry for any mistakes friends, its the first time i am trying for a horror short story!!
Please let me know your feedbacks friends, how it is!!



  1. Thank you so much for sharing. You have built suspense really intelligently in this story. While I was reading I just wanted to find out what happened – and like her want to know whether it was a dream or something else!

    One piece of constructive criticism: keep writing with your style and find your story voice. That’s what made this piece. (I am not an expert, just someone who really loves writing too. 😊)

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh! One other thing that has helped me is that I am excited to keep learning new words, to keep reading books in genres I like and ones I haven’t tried much too. There’s all manner writing classes online (many of them for free!) if you’re interested in learning more. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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