Time oh time,
Why can not you be mine!!

Time oh time,
Please be my sunshine!!

Today you are a friend, tomorrow an enemy…
What you have in stock for me!!

You never wait, you never look back…
With you, i have to walk fast!!

You bring joy, i feel fortunate,
The next moment everything you wash away!!

Time please stop, time please give me a break…
Let me come out of past, as my heart quakes!!

Oh time, stop running marathon race…
oh time, let my present embrace!!

Time you cannot make me weak…
Oh time you cannot make me freak!!

Oh time, you just wait and watch…
I would learn to handle you asap!!

Time you cannot snatch what is mine…
Time stop giving me pain!!

I know i cannot own you…
I know i cannot defeat you!!

Atleast i can go with the flow…
Atleast i can lessen my sorrow!!

Time oh time, i know you are powerful…
Time oh time, give chance to live life full!!

Time oh time, i cannot predict you…
Time oh time, atleast stay tuned!!!

Time oh time, let me be ME…
Time oh time, let me pause the happy you for a while!!
And let me Move ahead in life!!!

Just a thought friends… Do let me know how is it…☺️☺️



  1. Most lovely feelings to catch the time,
    Perhaps it is impossible,but can make it your heart’s window wind chime 💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖


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