Why happy in September😀 and excited for october!!!🤩

Hollas peeps… Hope all are doing fine at home!
Well usually i do not write post on what exactly i did or how i spent my days or months. (should i start writing on those topics?? whats your suggestion friends?, do let me know on comment section)
But today’s post i am writing for my blogger friend Patty♥️ with her cute post’s reply…

So you guys must be wondering why in title i have written ‘happy in september
As you already know i am a bit home seek, so in lockdown i could not go my hometown, got stucked and continued with office work, from home since March. Due to this pandemic, this environment as usual stress, depression, anxiety, exasperation and all kind of such negative emotions started unnerveing me alot, hence diverted my mind towards art, writing, singing etc… Still i was missing home daily like literally daily… and then many good things started happening during july till date and september month is most happiest amogst them…☺️☺️
So below are few lovely reasons towards my jubilation in September friends😀🤩, lets have a look👇🏻

**In September i did participated in yoga art competition organized by facebook drawing group (Did zeentangle drawing of chakrasana / The wheel pose) and got certificate of appreciation.👩🏻‍🎨🎊🏅

**In blog posts writing i received total 500 likes!!!👍🏻❤️🎉🥳

**I received 50+ followers as my beautiful new friends❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭🏻👬👫

**Got nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by my fellow blogger friends New lune and Gelina…❤️🤩

**Wrote 50+ posts all together till september.✍🏻

**Last but not the least i was able to travel to my hometown to my parents, my elder sister, her kid which is the most happiest moment for me being a homeseek girl…❤️❤️❤️❤️✈️🏡

As i was stucked in lockdown in my job location and was not getting chance to travel to my home unlike my other friends… After much chances, Finally i got opportunity to travel to my hometown, and i without second thought flew my HOME in mid september!!! (Although i was wrapped in a costume which is a kit for precautionary measures and was feeling like alien 😆 sitting in a flight)

So yes, these are my as pleased as Punch moments in September month❤️🥳🥳

Now coming to October, well today is the 1st day and why i am excited to welcome is i am participating in #Inktober_challenge, which is i would be drawing daily on one one topic given by drawing group in facebook, well its not any competition or such, but just a way to show your art and improve your drawing style😀

As i love doing arts, so i am super exhilarated to take part in this beautiful challenge!!!
So guess whats todays topic is?? Its on a #Witch… Yeah heard right, i would be drawing a witch, lets see how far i can reach… So wish me good luck friends 🤗🤗🤗 and if you guys want, i would share my daily challenge arts all together in a post.. or one art per post, whats say??, Do let me know in comment section friends!

Signing off here and will be back soon with new post… see you guys…👋🏻



  1. On 1st October you had 51 followers, on 31st October, it is 671😱! It’s an unbelievable milestone, dear! You should write a post on how to grow your blog in 30 days! Congratulations!👍😊

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