Will the trend change ever in India!!!

Before broaching my points, i would like to know your notion towards the topic #when girls will be able to live their life with no fear in india???# This is forever longing issue in our country India only…

I might sound little dour, but its the brutal truth of our country towards girls/ladies/women/etc…

Yes many more or can say countless discussions, debates, news, facts have been raised since ages on this topic, but till date there is no single solution to it…

Even today my points also would seem boring to most of the people but still i would bring them out…after all they say Independent india, independent views right??

*Why all rules on girls/women onlyyyy???
•You are a girl, you should not roam outside till late night!!! (just for a fact that no matter of time, no matter of age, girls get harassed/molested/raped and laws cannot diminish that for ages in india, sad truth)!!! May be.. Just an assumption…if illetarecy rate reduces, if men will be enlightened on right and wrong points, spiritual views, if they will be learnt to respect every human being and mainly women (but again its hypothetical in India!!!years are passing by, but no amelioration…really sad!

•You are a girl, you should not wear such modern clothes while stepping outside of home(the only secure zone we have for us is home)!!! Changing POV is highly needed in India! Just for a fact that whatever is wore by girl or women they become victim, even small kids also are tortured!!!

•You are a girl, you should behave always, you should shut your mouth!!! (Should we become deaf, dumb, blind all at once and sit like a statue just because we are ‘Girl’??!!)

•You are a girl, you shoud not do parties!!! (Do you guarentee if we just do prayers, there wont be any single crime???)

•You are a girl, you should get married and settle down (As if that is the only life’s goal to marry being a girl by hook or crook and no marriage means no settling down in life, isnt it??)

*Now comes second phase, rules on a ‘daughter-in-law’ (who gets judged based on cooking skills, wearing sarees, sindoor, etc etc, but not based on nature{if good nature by heart, pure by heart, does all duty wholeheartedly, behaves nicely, takes good care–>does not matter!!..no offense for anyone here, just a view}
•You are now a daughter-in-law, you should leave your maternal home and shift till death to new home( first of all i would really want to know who the hell started this rule and why??, i mean isnt it funny, a girl who grew up with her parents for years and years and years and one day all of a sudden she will have to leave her home, her people and shift to totally a new home, new people, new life, new environment, and yes list doesnot stop here…new surname!!!, new cast etc etc etc…i mean why?? Why cannot be the reverse?? Or atleast 50-50, that would be more laudable, isnt it?? Yes i might be sounding like an asinine but dont you think somewhere my school of thought is justified???

If you say God has started this foIklore, i mean ok even if ‘GOD’ has started, then i would question to GOD as well!!! (Oh my god)

•You are a daughter-in-law, you should know ‘Cooking’!!!
•You are a daughter-in-law, you should know to manage house/people/etc!!!

•You are a daughter-in-law, you should not do job, if you do also then you have to manage household chores and job alone as well!!!

•You are a daughter-in-law, you should leave wearing modern outfits, stick to ethnics!!!

•You are a daughter-in-law, you should obey each and everything of inlaws, no interference from your parents should be!!!

•You are a daughter-in-law , you should not stay for long at your parents home, you should do all duties being a bahu first!!!

•You are a daughter-in-law, you are bound to do certain fastings for loooooongggg life of your husband!!!(i mean are wives not allowed or do not deserve looooooongggg life??only male have authority for it???😂, funny…no i am not making a joke of traditions, but my point lies on ‘disparity’ and rules set on ONLY ‘girls’ by this society…list continues…can’t highlight more…

Sometimes i think is it that ‘GOD’ created the universe and human and as GOD himself is ‘Male’ so he foisted all norms on ‘Female’!!! Or is it because INDIA was,is and till eternity will be ‘Male dominated country’ and all supremacy will be god gifted to them???

If ‘SHE’ roams out late–>boorish
If ‘SHE’ stays at home always–>boring
If ‘SHE’ does job–> Liberated
If ‘SHE’ does not earn–>Lazy
If ‘SHE’ wears modern–>Sassy
If ‘SHE’ wears ethnic–> Simple
If ‘SHE’ is unmarried–>Awkward
If ‘SHE’ is married–>Aunty
If ‘SHE’ keeps her points–>Vociferous
If ‘SHE’ sits silent–>Voiceless

Whatever girls do, they will be lambested in all means right??
Then why not to listen to your inner voice and do whatever you like to??
One sentence i recollected ‘Hum bure hi thik hain, jab ache the to kaunsa medal mil gaya tha’ meaning we are fine being bad, when we were good, what medal we got??

I do concede that majority of above said has been changed and girls have proved to be equal to boys, but still somewhere India is lagging behind to be a completely ‘Worry-free country for girls’ in all aspects! And wonder if ever everything in every angle will be 200% ‘Equal’!!!…Unfortunate!!!

P.S. All mentioned points are purely a viewpoint of me, no offense to anyone.

Do let me know your opinions friends on my points… And i apologize if my words are sounding little rude… Its just that i am really frustrated

Ceasing my words here till next…


  1. No, you aren’t sounding rude!! You are speaking true from the heart and the frustration and indignance is clear!! This is such a great post as I too feel this at times. Why are girls treated like this…. Why??????!!!!!!!
    There is actually no ans, just the stupid way of thinking !!!!! I wish it goes away !!!! This is so true, what u said in your post, not being free, not being able to do what they want without fear !!!
    Man, I am so glad to discover your site 😍😍😍

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  2. Well written and I don’t see how anyone could be offended. You were speaking from the heart! It needs to be said and read by many. I live in the US and I believe that we have a lot of the same backwards thinking, although it may be more direct for you in India. Beautiful thoughtful writing.

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  3. They is had a long way go for equal rights for women. Many places in our world. A dangerous life for the women. How do we fix? Will take strong leaders and the women to be educated and strong. I liked your words and thoughts. I taught my three daughters. To be strong, get education and never allow anyone to look down at you. Dear Soni, I will never understand how a man can harm and look down at a woman. They are our grandmothers, sisters, mother and our daughters.

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  4. In my opinion : ma foi oui, les femmes prendront à nouveau le pouvoir et s’affranchiront des castes anciennes et injecteront un peu plus de liberté.
    Je demeure confiant en l’avenir pour la cause féminine en Inde.

    Bonne soirée à toutes et tous !

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