Friendship is a pure connection…
One of the great relation❤️

If no friends, then no life…
With them, life glows right🤗

The play, the fight, the cry…
The laugh, the fun, the joy🤩

Friends are our best secret keepers..
Sharing and caring make it deeper 🤫🤗

Friends make wonderful memories…
True friends give strength in time of misery!!🤝

Friends pour life to everything…
With them around, life is no more boring😃😃

In friendship should keep ego aside…
If that overpowers, then bonding subsides😐

Life is uncertain, dont keep anger for friends…
Give a hug, issues will vanish in seconds🤗

Even if the world is against you…
A real friend would always stand beside you🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭🏻

If you are lucky to have such friends…
Then never ever let the friendship end!!!


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