What i wanna change in me!!🤔🤷🏻

Hello friends, pals, today i am back with another
entrancing topic.
‘Change is the only constant thing in life, they say’
So i too believe the same.
I am not perfect and infact noone is quintessential, everyone has some or other flaws in them. Some try to change that kink in them, some just let it be.
Well i am one of those who do wanna change my puny points and overcome it


So pals this is the factor which is minimal in me.
Forbearance in a human being should be always there to fight with any kind of situation.
Its the foremost powerful thing which lacks in me alot.
I always feel like if have started any work, then in few minutes it should be over, if little longer then you should see my face😂
Anything it may be, whether its cooking (thank god i dont spoil my dish being impatient or else would be eating raw food instead of proper cooked ones ) or drawing or cleaning something or so and so.
If we become restive then its high chance to mess up the things which we do, as you know already!
So little bit of patience can give you lifetime peace and everyone want to have a peaceful life dont they?
I know learning to have patience is too difficult but once achieved you can just get the better of you!!
So peeps i am learning to have patience now a days by first of all calming myself down if a bit of anxiety raises in me, then slowly doing my work, its ok if it takes time, i am absorbing it too and relaxing myself abit. In this way gradually i am getting pinch of patience day by day!!


Being trepidatious about almost everything i just loose my mind often.
Being it a silly matter or a big one, i always get twitchy, and then my heart would start throbbing at its peak and i would be shuddering like anything (as if a ghost is infront of me)!!
So friends this is a thing i wanna change in me alot. As immediately getting nervous over anything makes a person weaker to weakest and then he/she looses the track and mind and wont be able to think or do any positive thing.
‘Dont let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen’

Low Aplomb

I am really a girl with low self confidence!
This is a thing which even my parents are always concerned about.
At first i would always say ‘No, i cannot do it, its too difficult, too risky, this that blah blah’ Then i would be needing a booster push from them on all aspects and at last i would emerge as a winner! But saying a NO at first is as if a ritual for me and accepting defeat without facing is as if my nature!
I am trying really hard to quell this weak point in me when i know i can do, i will win still i would be underrestimating myself many times! dont know why😁
Person should always be strong, self-assertive so that nothing can defeat him/her and always could come out as a champ!!
So facing challenges, being ready always and trusting ownself is the main key towards gaining confidence! what say pals?
‘Trust yourself, create a kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life, make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of acheivement’


Since childhood i am always exasperated kinda person, well not always but sometimes.
If anything i dont feel good then suddenly i would be miffed fast and would get angry.
So this is indeed a bad nature in me which i really want to change.
Anger, irritation destroys a person if increased beyond limit. Hence if anything or anyone you dont like then should start avoiding, and should not react negatively on the spur of the moment, infact should be calm enough to handle in a better way.
‘Embracing conflict can become a joy when we know that irritation and frustration can lead to growth and fascination’

So peeps these are few of my negative side or i can say the weaker side which i want to change and want to become a better, more cool, calm person in life!!!!
If you too have any of these in you in extreme, then do try to improvise yourself and making ownself composed in any situation is the main point which all should do at first, being reactive always is not the correct thing i believe.
Well you all must have gone through my post on how to keep yourself calm, if not then kindly do so by clicking link below, it might help!!

“KEEP CALM” https://sonibindaas571181659.wordpress.com/2020/08/09/keep-calm/

Until then see you guys, will be back with new post soon!! Do let me know how you felt about my post by giving your valuable comments😍
Signing off!!


  1. You’ve been very honest here about stuff that troubles you about yourself.
    But you might yet find yourself amazed by things you discover about yourself…
    about who you really are in spite of how it feels sometimes to be you…
    about things other people see in you…

    I’ve found myself revisiting this old story a couple of times lately, but figure it’s one you might enjoy, given what you’ve written here:


    Liked by 1 person

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