Special attachment❤️❤️

Hello pals…The word ‘Attachment‘ what means to you all??Well attachment has its many types and emotional attachment outshines!!In life we have one or other kind of attachments with people, things etc right…So you all must be having it, so am i…Being human, getting attached emotionally to people and things is axiomatic!!Without sentiments, human will be called stones right guys? So i am also one of those non-stone creature, and can be called a human 😄😛Some people have attachments to small to smallest things like a pen or a toy or a cup or a paper or any gifts presented to them from any near or dear ones or anything…Some have attachments to machines (yes i wanna call phone and laptop as machines…) like phone (ofcourse almost 99+++++% population are sticked like glue to their phones now a days and wont be able to survive for a micro second without it i assume 😀) or laptop or earphones (aaah earphone or headsets are crucial parts along with phone, like we cannot separate a bee from honey, likewise cannot detach our phones from earphones and earphones from ears right??😆

So if i start listing out such things then in no time i will end up with a big book or so…Hence i would cut it off…I also have a very very special attachment with one thing, ummm its not a thing also…its a Vehicle and its my ‘SCOOTY ZEST’Yes you must be getting laugh by hearing it…but it is indeed noteworthy for me!!Yes ofcourse FAMILY is top most attachment for me (as i am d topper in homeseekness till date) apart from my family, my scooty is also my family!!!

I would unequivocally share the behind story for that here with you all!!Well before joining btech, in hometown i used to drive scooty pep brown+black combo color (that time this color was in trend!)And needless to mention i have fallen down from it loads of time 😂 and friends used to laugh out loud on me…Dont know how i used to fall down… Simply used to get imbalanced and booommmmm😆Then later when i joined job and came to different state completely, i was not having any vehicle or such with me… Totally a different place to stay, new environment and no personal vehicle to go anywhere…always dependent on public transports/autos i used to think i wish i would be having my own vehicle then like a free bird i can go anywhere anytime i want by my own…Auto or cab ke liye wait karne ka jhanjhat khatam and infact kisi b friends ya logo ke liye wait karne ki jarurat nahi…But due to some issues i could not buy it…Gradually my friend circle started shrinking…some left job and went back to hometown to pursue govt job… Some shifted to different location… Some married and settled down (yeah in our india settling down means getting married!!!)Then somewhat i started to feel low…sad…lonely…Whenever I wanted to go for a movie, or shopping or just to roam around…again see way for autos or cabs or so… (mainly auto…that time, dont imagine to be 1947 time…it was around 2015, cab facility was not much active or might be i was not having much idea on cabs or was having idea but little scared to go by cab alone…so autos were my saviors, kinda!!!)Then out of the blue i had a thought why not to buy a 2-wheeler for myself???Well my thinking were not that advance to go for a 4wheeler and neither much enough confidence for that…😐

As usual for buying a vehicle, in a different crowdy place, being the alone ME, being the not oversmart ME… No doubt my mom was too loath to say a YES to my plan!!As usual i had to convince my elder sister (almost all do that right?? Before reaching to parents we make our elder sis or bros as mediators to make our plans to move to actions 😉!!! Isnt it??)Phir kya tha?? My elder sis represented my idea in a very swift way infront of judges (here my maa and bapa), many discussions were held on and finally the day of finale came(i mean day of decision from my parents in for of my buying 2-wheeler or in against of it)And guess what, i won the Finale!!!So all was set… I decided to go for TVS SCOOTY ZEST 110CC, TORQUISE BLUE(after discussion with my elder sis and my cousin bro For the best n light 2 wheeler at that time along with jhakkas color selections and all)My father arrived in no time near me to accompany me to bring the zest to my nest (ok ok jyada poemy ho gaya i know😎)

Then starts my journey, yes my own independant journey with my vehicle… (yessss finally i had my own vehicle 😎💃💃👯)As since childhood i was always dependant on people or things at some or other point and was taken for granted alot of times and the thing continued though with less effect still but not anymore after DATE 28TH AUGUST 2015 was one of my best day outside my home..😎💃.Like a bird flies high beyond its actual limit, once freed from a cage… Like that i turned into😁

No stopping for me since then..Every weekend travelling ghost bumped into me and i would just eat lunch, get ready (aah well not kinda bath with makeup and all, i am simple since birth😁 no makeup and all i used to do much ) and will go to parking area and thats all…start my jaan scooty and roam half hyderabad almost!!!Since then almost all movies, shopping malls, simple rides were my part of life…Anytime i would feel like eating or buying clothes or watching movie or any such.. chalo scooty pakdo aur nikal lo…kisika wait karne ka jhanjhat nahi…kisiko plz plz bolne ka jhanjhat nahi…nothing… Yes i love my company always!!!It doesnt mean i am self centered or selfish or unsocial etc etc whatever people call… But sometimes its ♥♥♥ to spend time with your ownself, right??

*I made hatrick in watching movies once as well… Yeah heard right…3 movies back to back 😉😉*Then one day i did d limit…Felt like going to Lord Jagannath temple at banjara hills alone, no idea on route and little bit scared from heart…still stepped out and you wont believe, i got lost 5/6 times on my way to destination and instead reached a different mandir…didnt loose hope, restarted my gaadi and again went on asking people passing by (hmm i was not familiar with GPS much so that idea to open it in phone and check d map didnot come, plz dont laugh😐)And finally, after half hyderabad ride almost 30kms or so i could able to see Jagannath temple from far…i was like aaahhh reached heaven from hell😇That feeling is really baffling!!!(and yes forgot to mention, on my way to return to PG also i got lost twice or thrice 😂, so you can imagine how bad i am in remembering routes😜)Since then i got a kind of unvoiced attachment with my scooty…With it being around i didnt have any fear or uncomfort or any such undesirable feelings in me…I was completely attached to it and its a part of my life now… However old it might become…i wont leave it atall!!! It gave birth to another discrete ME since then and forever!!!😊😊😍

So pals, you all must be having such things in your life which you cannot let it go at any cost, right?? If so then feel free to share with me!!With this, me Soni ceasing my attachment off till next!😆😜


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