Whenever i hear the word ‘friendship’ i always recollect the old hindi song ‘Koi jab raah na paye, mere sang aaye, ke pag pag deep jalaye…meri dosti mera pyar’ sang by the legend Mohammad rafi sahaab from the movie Dosti…, a heart touching song!!!So friends todays topic its on ‘FRIENDSHIP’

Friends are even though not our blood sister or brother but they are coequal!! Isnt it guys?Without them life will be grey…They are the ones with whom we can go gaga over anything and everything without being judged…So peers in our life, we encounter varities of persons…but with few we actually make strong connections…strong bonds which we call our friends, our buddies.👭👫👬we tag friends in different zones…👇*Casual friend*Good friend*Best friend*Close friend*Special friend…these many tabularisation for friends????😄For me i can call the person ‘My FRIEND’ if and only if–with the person i can be myself, i can open up completely, i dont have to pretend, i dont have to show off, i dont have to be hesitant of being judged, and if i get such person/persons, i call them my all in one friend(mix of all above categories 😉😆)

People say you get your true friends only in childhood…but i dont agree to it… Because friendship is not based on age/timespan/gender, its purely based on strong connections which can be found anytime…Folks if you get such friends in lifewho came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, then never ever let them go…In this era, its really hard to find a ‘TRUE FRIEND’ where the world is full of selfishness, attitude, ego…

No matter how many arguments, fights you have with them, still never break the bond guys..Life is too short to hold on to anger, grudges, ego and all that negative feelings, and by keeping all these in head forever, you will only end up with compunction forever!! Yes its true dears…You can grow older with such friends if you just implement few words ‘EXPRESS’+’COMMUNICATE’+’SHARE’+’LET GO OF’You should always express yourself infront of them… Whatever you feel, whatever you want to convey just say it… If you are angry/irritated/frustrated/happy/excited…anything, any mood just open up…

As you all know, to all problematic situation, first step to solution is ‘a proper communication’, if you wont discuss with your pals, then they wont be able to enter into your head to read what is going on inside right?By sharing your issues, even if they wont be able to fix it, but atleast that will ease your pain to some extent for sure!!

Let go of your ego always guys, because being egoistic you wont acheive any medals for sure but you will loose your precious buddies… I have faced such many times already, wont reveal the names here though…hehe 😬

Life is uncertain…Express openly whatever inside heart…whoever gets lifetime friends, they are the lucky ones…Right???”Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born”

With these ceasing my words till next…

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