👽👻☠️Adventure chapter 1☠️👻👽

Well folks its not any ghost stories, dont get muddled with title 😝

Today i am in adventurous mood so we will discuss about our adventures experiences in life, ready?? 😉 aur koi option hai kya?? Hehehe

Friends frankly i was not at all an adventure enthusiast before, but the moment i have faced it live, i kinda liked it, and since then no stopping..

My 1st adventure began in childhood only when me and my sister were chased to nearly bitten by street dog…😁😁 yes, it sounds funny now, but that time i felt we r gone…my sister was just trying to play with puppies on roadside and out of nowhere their mama came and god knows what it thought..it ran behind us like jet speed…we both felt like literally flying but not running.. God if that stamina would have been with me since then, maine to athlete ban hi jana tha… Bhaag soni bhaag movie release ho jana tha😂😂😂yes we survived aur zinda hain hum bhai

Then comes my rousing adventure part 2 –> NIGHT TREKKING IN DEEP FOREST…
Man, believe me i thought i will be saying hi hello to my parents from heaven in few minutes 😅

The dark path with ups and downs and full of stones…the tingling sensation passing through the body, the quietness all around, i was like why the hell i am here.. Happily i would have been sleeping on bed in home…kar kya rahi hun main…etc…but but but…the moment we landed on the rock face top…it was just divine…
The view of sky clear black with little stars, the touch of the cold breeze…astounding night view from top one can really enjoy…while trekking i was feeling like going back home anyhow but believe me guys once i reached the destination…i felt i can stay there forever lying down, counting stars😀❤🌌

Adventure part 3–> RAPPELLING from 35 feet rock…

Normally i love myself guys, i dont like trying to die 😂 ofcourse no one does, but this one i tried really…
I was just holding the rope and standing on the rock top like a statue (statue of liberty?? Naaaaa statue of timidity😅)
I have height phobia and yet there i was standing on rock top…
With each step downwards, my heartbeat was increasing a step towards choking…
For a moment, i just tried to had a glimpse of down view, i could not see anything or anyone standing down…all i just captured was the grey color everywhere ( big rock and rock and rock only)
Then came a great word bade log keh gaye the “Challenge yourself, push yourself, if you want to achieve something, just do it, its the time, no looking back” (actually its my own sentences which i built up that time to get a grip of myself😆)
Finally with full audacity i advanced and then i found myself standing down and humans around 😜😝
I can say i was way too spooked than the night trekking…
Lekin doston darr ke aage jeet hai aur yahan dar dar ke rasta mil gaya hehehe…

And next one –> SCUBA DIVING

Friends i have water phobia as well😬
I get scared seeing pool, river, sea dont know Y!
Swimming to zindagi me nahi sikh paungi shayad…
And there i was jumping into sea to get myself ready for scuba diving 40 feet underwater…(1feet under also i have never gone into, 40 bole to hosh hi udd gaye the)
Instructions were well provided by expert scuba divers like 👌👍👎 but that time i felt like doing some dance pose with hands…the more deep i was been dived into sea, the more blank my mind was becoming…at one point i felt like getting wings and fly up from that place…😐
Being a non-swimmer, affrighted of water and going down the sea is like ‘Aa Bail, mujhe maar’ 😅
But as they say, daro ya maro…so i chose wisely to not daro…
But end is mind blowing.

Life underwater is something flabbergasting….uncountable fishes tiny to moderate sizes dancing, floating in zig zag way, some stucked to sand, some to grasses…it was something preternatural…simply i was just dissolved into it…neither i could feel the pain in ears, nor breathlessness anymore…all were paused by seeing those fanciable fishes how they were just enjoying their lives underwater…it was their world…a tremendous world…😍

Friends in life normal way goes on.. but Adventure is something that brings the real goose bumps…the real excitement…we should try everything…it feels exuberant…!!!!

So with these i am signing off and will be back soon with Next chapter of adventure😀👍


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