☠️👻👽Adventure chapter 2👽👻☠️

Hey friends, as promised here i am back with second chapter of adventure journey…😀🧗🏂🪂🚵🏇⛷️🏄
So fellas still now also i have not become a complete adventurous kinda girl but yes i can say i was able to vanquish fear of height and water to an extent…atleast if i go for next such trips, i wont sound like a broken loudspeaker atleast 😂
I would love to share few of my stories here…
*BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE–> Its a mini adventure activity which is not scary but very enthralling…You will be tied up and you will feel like doing skipping in air 😉 and yes if you have fear for height, then somewhat it can be reduced and you will have fun….

*PARASAILING–>🪂One must try this too…if you love flying (yaa yaa i know u r not bird 😝but after doing it you will surely want to become one) still you will definitely love it…😆

****TREKKING****Hmm…well you must be thinking why these many stars around the word Trekking, right?? Dont worry, gradually you will understand.😊

I am a super indolent girl 👧 😁🛌🏻From childhood i have god knows why problem for ‘WALKING’🚶U ask me to run, gymming🏃🏋🏻‍♀️ etc, i will do happily but whenever it comes to just walk, i feel suddenly my body has gone numb and i turn out into a torpor human!!! Then just imagine me opting for “trekking”!!👀😱
If you are a nature-lover, if you love the mitti ki khushboo, khulaa aasmaan, paid podhe, greenery, baarish 🌴🌳🌷🌸🌈🌁⛅🌙🌄🌌etc and if you will to traverse alot, then TREKKING is one of the most entrancing activity which atleast once in a lifetime you should experience folks!
My second long trekking was to Matheran…{exhilarated!chuffed!afeared!} All mixed emotions were overbrimming in my mind”Trekking–>baap of walking” this was the thought whipping in me

@the unending walk🚶🚶🚶🚶…….♾️
@the over narrow path on top of full green mountains where one can just go by forming a line, more than one person side by side cannot proceed atall…❌

@the holy shit feeling while looking down from that narrow path, almost dead waali vibes…@that picturesque view of clouds playing hide and seek with mountains, color of mountains mixed with white (of cloud) and green (of grass) from far🗻🏔️

@smoky sky with thin drizzles🌧️☔@the breathing of clean fresh air just woooowwwwwwww👌

@the panoramic view of sun tearing up the darkness and rising above the mountains along with floating clouds🌄🌫️

Above all the tranquil feeling is something which is unfathomable!!!! One can forget all pain, tension, stress with its beauty…

Though fully exhausted by walking so long and long, my body started giving up, stamina was -ve to -ve, still the moment i had a glance of these views, sab bhool hi gayi and felt like a free soul…

Fellas i must recommend this place you guys should really explore once…its fabulous…
#GOKARNA-BEACH-TREK#⛱️🏖️Well its my recent trekking point adds up to total thrice of my trekking experience!! I cant believe though😄!As usual the more i progressed, the more my legs started to fight with me, opposed to proceed…its like they took vow like naa we wont walk no way!!!But i was in no mood to pay heed to their secret plans of not letting me step forward and i just walked…walked and walked (Like a zombie 😅)

@the view of sun kissing the sea🌅@the gush of wind blowing all around@sea dancing to its tides moves…🏝️

@sky meeting sea and saying hi hello u know 😆

@the feeling of short rock climbing activity all the way to reach our destination…🧗

@soothing unheard music at seashore🌊

@phenomenal enjoyment inside natural waterfall, and as they say water has its own relaxing mantra…how much drained you will be, if you just drink water or take bath you definitely feel relaxed and same thing happened with me…

All my pain just dissipated and out of nowhere i became full energetic (no not super women but super soni 😂)
At the end i was just left with loads of unspoken words…peace…satisfaction…pleasure…
These adventerous, stupendous memories i will always cherish throughout my life…these are something too precious guys…
So i would really want to advise you all… Zindegi me atleast ek baar trekking jarur karo… Achi jagah choose karo aur for sure jao…you will love itttt, really…and i am sure you have got the secret behind me marking loads of stars around the word trekking, right?? If not, then definitely go trekking, you will catch it😜

With these soni signing off for now till next blog… Any such marvelous experience of yours, full welcome to share😀


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