Hey folks… I am back with a good topic on improving yourself…They say character does not change! Yes, i do agree but it can improve iff someone tries to do so..I would love to share how and which all aspects of mine i rectified in a good way…I had public fear…stage fear, discomfiture to initiate a conversation with new people…Now also i have but it has reduced alot… I am sure many of you would be having such feelings…So lets have a look on How i quashed all these issues…
*First thing is to just calm yourself down*

yes its very much vital part, to be sangfroid…yeah, being timorous, nothing will be acheived. As after all public means human being only, not any demon or ghost that they will harm you or kill you or any such… So no point of being over anxious… Keep yourself composed, it helps.  (even if heart beat is racing to its peak ๐Ÿ˜).

*Second thing is to build aplomb in yourself.*

To be self assured is another important part to face any kind of situation, people anything.Never demotivate your ownself.Always keep pushing and keep incentivizing yourself.If you can be strong enough to face people, the better outcome you can expect.Whatever the situation comes, may be any criticism, any taunts, any comments, any jokes or any such, never be low-spirited for that.Keep progressing, dont step back.

*Never loose hope*

Yeah, we all are alive with hope.So any untoward circumstances appears also never ever become demoralized.Have faith that you can do it.

*(ECE) Expose, communicate, express*

Always try to verbalize your thoughts, your points, views whatever you feel.Express your inner voice out.Dont hide yourself behind.Try as much as possible to communicate with others, dont sit like dumb atall, or else you will be left out somewhere being a worthy person! Even if you fumble at the begining, still dont give up.Even if it feels weird to you, still try to initiate a conversation with anything, atleast a hi, how are you today, hows life you can speak right, so do that, there is no point to hesitate!

*Never shroud your true self*

Whatever you are, whichever way you carry yourself, never conceal it from others. Why to pretend to be some one else, when you are so pure, true from your heart?? When you are unique in your own way, then whats the point to hide yourself? Nothing right?

*Ignore of being judged*

Take no notice of being judged atall.Yeah, human means sack of judgements…Whatever you do or say, they will do judge you, they will do point out the flaws…So try to let go of all that and yes accept if their points are right and learn from your mistakes and move on. But dont sit depressed by that.

*No expectations*

They say expectation kills.So just give your best, present yourself proactively and leave all on luck. Dont have any over expectation that your thoughts, points would be accepted or so.Atleast you will feel self satisfied that you attempted.

*Never sidestep*

Always try to stand up to the situation, people etc. Never try finding options to run away, instead get a grip of yourself and go forward. Stepping behind is not a solution atall. You will be escaped for one day, two day or somedays or months…but for how long? Better to confront it than dodging, right!So friends basically i tried all the above aspects on myself.Infact i can say in my school life i stepped out and opted to represent my school in science exhibition presentation in block and state level (first time i stepped out of my hometown that time ๐Ÿ˜‰)I was extremely scared to give presentation infront of public, judges and all, but i overcame via building of a level of confidence and emerged as winner in block level and 3rd position in state level…yaa could not win in state level or else would have gotten opportunity to travel Bangalore to present my school…still i am happy that i tried…Then in my btech life, we used to have presentations of projects infront of students and lecturers in labs, and that also i used to be too much nervous, but gradually i came out of it.In job life, initial training days, we used to have Jam sessions to improve our communication skills infront of professors and employees.We were either given topic from their end or we were choosing our own topic to speak for.Initially i also used to hide myself to escape from the sessions, but with time i faced it and i was strong enough to speak out!!And here i am today, from being super shy to being confident enough to handle people, clients, project, issues and all!!Pals, do try these small ways and you will get rid of public fear or exposure, cent percent…

With these, soni signing off till next!


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