Hey folks, today i am feeling nostalgic, plenty of sweet memories flooded in my mind…felt like sharing with you all…
In our life we meet many people, some become our friends and with some we dont feel much connections, and some become very special to us always and forever even though we remain in touch or not, but they hold a cute wala place in our heart, and one of my such special friends is Divya😍👭❤ and i wanna share our all super memories with you all…
One fine day i got a call for project allocation details and they provided me a contact no to call and join the project together… And the contact person was divya, that special friend…So since that day onwards we got in touch for the project..
Due to project training we were asked to travel from bahadurpally to gachibowli dlf (distance i would say 24.2km but we used to go by total 12autos to and fro, as we were not that fond of travelling by bus)
Journey was like daily wakeup call from divya to me at 7AM (being an owl kinda creature, means awake till late night and getting up late is my dharma u see 😂) so after getting almost 4/5 calls from her, i would rush to get ready and would run to catch one auto to Suraram, where she was staying in pg…she would be standing there and waiting like when this lazy girl soni will reach😀 Then from suraram our journey together to dlf used to start…
Basically auto sequence (Bahadurpally-Suraram-balnagar-JNTU-cybertower-dlf and fro) sometimes if autos wont be available at some stops, then auto sequence used to increase too…
It continued till 1 and half month.
So gradually we became good friends in this travel journey…yeah our friendship did start in travelling autos…hahaha like movies right peeps…
It became daily routine for her to wake me up, me running like marathon race to get ready and reach suraram…
In training days we used to have so much fun in class, joking, commenting on professors, laughing like mentals, not listening what they are teaching, and most importantly gulping sweet dish fever started for us there…

We would just smile at each other n rush to get chocolate shot, mango shot n gulp like anything in dlf canteen… Return time to bahadurpally again we used to stop at kothagudda circle to gulp panipuris…and divya’s fav sleeping place was auto i guess, cos to n fro she would sleep like dead body literally…even if someone kidnaps her, she wont know 😂 i would look at her n giggle, other people in auto used to stare at both of us (one sleeping mental and one laughing mental)

Then d most funny thing was out of 100% training, we both were able to grasp i guess 10% 😂 rest were like bouncing on head.still no care, do masti yaar was our funda i guess😆…and then came mini project presentation for everyone in team… We both bursted out in laugh like what the hell we would present ?? Our funny stories ?? And guess what luckily our another friend Durgaprasad was added in our team for the presentation.
Well let me give you all a short intro on Durgaprasad–>
He is d most sincere guy in our group. The padhakhu kind u see..
He would read very seriously, work over seriously, even if skipping food also ok for him… But he used to take everything full seriously only… But i can say after joining me n divya gang, he somewhat became like us…but little bit…not completely… We used to call him ‘Guru gaaru’ in telugu
So as usual mini project presentation me n divya dumped on our guru garus head and we both stood like statues😂 no we did say few words at d end, or else it wont look nice noe 😅😅… And our DLF Journey full of fun, travel, masti, jokes, sweet gulping got over there and new journey towards work assignment in project started and i would express in my second part… Would stop here pals, or else you all would sleep reading big stories…

Signing off untill part 2…

Well she is my special friend 😊😊🥰


    • Yes completely dear…friends are someones who are too vital part in life… Hahahha mental in the sense quite childosj acts we used to do 😄 thanks alot for visiting my post dear❤️❤️ stay happy and safe 🤗❤️


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