Precious phase and eternal memories❤️❤️🥰🥰

Hello guys!!

Today i am gonna ask everyone.. About which part of your life you miss the most… Which phase of life you wanna reminisce…
Well…for me, its one and only ‘Childhood’ (for me i can say till 7th standard 😀)

Childhood is d most innocent,full of purity, tension-free, stress-free part of life which cannot be replaced with anything…
Each and every moments are priceless…
Whether its crying for a chocolate, rolling down on floor to play, acting to be angry for manao/patao parents to get something 😄, getting super happy on small matters, whether we get a candy, whether we get a rupee coin(not knowing its worth though), whether we get toys to play….
Those chirpy smile on faces…
Today when i look back, i badly feel like ‘gosh, i wish to have a time machine, to just scuttle back to bachpan ke din and never come back…’

In my nonage days few of my vague recollections…

*i used to love messing around mini sand dunes (in our sambalpuri language we say ‘Baali gada upre maja’ 😄) and collecting eclipse shape small stones, making mini temples type, rolling down thousand times…

*Kinda crazy to play like goddess laxmi maa (always forcing my elder sis to make paper lotus😂) holding small note books in one hand, paper lotus in another hand and yes used to wrap towels around my head to show as long hairs (god what a super crazy kid i was😅), all these effects were coming obviously seeing my mother watching all spiritual serials that time..hahaha…(later i learnt to make paper lotus myself though and till now also i make it sometimes whenever i feel like )
Other paper toys all might have played definitely with…paper boat, paper jet, paper dolls etc etc…long list..cant recall clearly…😬

*And do you guys remember the story ‘Micha kahi mala’ in odiya…(Died out of repeated lies) a small story in odia we had back then…
In summary one guy was there in a village, he used to shout tiger came, tiger came and all villagers used to gather around but in real no tiger nothing, he used to make fun by lying…and one fine day in real tiger came and when he shouted with his full energy, noone came as all thought he is lying as usual, and in real he ended up being tigers dinner
So same happened with me once (no no…no tiger and all…but it was black carpenter ant😂)
I used to do dramas too many in those days…i used to simply act like falling down n cry aloud, parents used to rush to me thinking something happened to me but in real nothing…so one day i was playing outside and a black carpenter ant bitten on my left hand thumb finger and just got sticked to it…i cried out loud/louder/loudest u can say hahahah…but as usual noone came out, they thought i was acting…but as my so called acting which was indeed real didnot stop for long…they came out and were literally shocked seeing my miserable halat…😬😬
Since that day meri aankhen khul gayi aur aise jhuti acting by god chod hi diya…

*Another pagal part of me was writing funny songs in odia language) and singing them…can say inacting in hilarious ways (mmm i guess i was in may be standard 5/6/7 dont remember clearly) and writing chucklesome stories and acting like natural by born actress 😅

*And yes when i used to be aggravated then i used to become some antagonist kind of…(no in normal life i am protagonist only u know 😉)
I used to throw away all belongings of my parents and sister (yes i know it was too much to do…but what to do… Bachpan se gusse waali hun…abhi thodi controlled hai hehehe)

*And one day i just did d limit…
I took my few friends to near by river side to play (first investigated with my tiny brain if parents are at home, when i found all busy with their stuffs, then mauke ka fayeda aur kya…chup ke bhag nikli) upon reaching river side, we were just playing casually but suddenly one of our gang guy slipped into river, god knows how… Then hosh udd gaye mere… I was blank totally…by gods grace one lady who was nearby saved him…no he didnot faint or drown but just fell down…i thought he will sink or something and got terrified…
Phir kya ghar aake jo left, right,up,down mila parents se kya bataun…😬😬😂
Now when i think i just guffaw…

*Aur ek bataun kissaaaa…
When i used to study with my sister, u wont blv what i used to do…
Whenever she used to doze off in between, i used to draw her face in my school note book and used to blackmail her like i will show this photo to maa and bapa and will complain them that you were sleeping and not studying😅😆

*Used to do yoga with my sister and if perchance i fall down doing any asana then drama used to be flooding from my end, as if i fell down from a big cliff or so😅

*those over the moon feelings when power used to go off, or festival days used to be (saraswati puja/Ganesh puja/Durga puja mainly, i used to say it will be inauspicious if we study on these days, god will be angry…as if god told me in dreams 😂) or if i say all will definitely scold me (when flood used to be in hometown, then i used to be thrilled as well as horrified ki school jana nahi padega 😬 sorry for that)

*And epilogue to my devilry is playing Bhoot-bhoot (ghost story pe khel kud aur darne ki full acting with my friends😈👽👹) and making home totally a mishmash and then getting admonished full by Maa😅 i am sure many of you might have played such and went through these…

Damn i guess it wont stop here if i continue 😁😁 and all will sleep by the time they finish reading this blog…wake up folks 😆

To bandhu kaun kehta hai ke bachpan me hi bachpana kar sakte hain… Abhi kyu nahi?? Ek kahawat hai na… Dont ever let your inner child die ever…to jitne b bade kyun na ho jao, apna bachpana, shararat kabhi na chodo…Live life {queen(naaaa)}…child size 😀😉 whats say??

Take care..
Soni Signing off until next time…


  1. I enjoyed reading your childhood memories. It sounds like you had a lot of fun growing up and it is only right that you miss this part. I laughed when you said you drew on your sister when she dozes off from studying. I am sure she did not appreciate that but it is still funny.

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  2. Why have you never invited me to your site, Soni? I’ve been chatting away to you for ages and had no idea that you had written such wonderful things! I love the way that you blend English with Hindi (and other languages). I was quite proud of myself that I could understand what the first Hindi phrase you used ‘bachpan ke din’ means ‘days of your childhood’ (I think), but then ashamed that I know so little of the rest. I can pronounce it but not translate it. Anyway – love your blog, Soni – so glad I am visiting. 🙂

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    • Oh oh oh…. I did not have any idea Robert that you have not followed my blog posts and have not gone through them… And i am glad and thankful that you liked them😃😃 and yeah you are right… Bachpan ke din means childhood days ❤️❤️ and trust me no need to be ashamed of atall indeed you should feel proud of yourself always for anything you do, small or big anything… I am infact so excited that you know a bit of hindi.. proud👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️ thanks alot for visiting 😍

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  3. Hey Soni, Thank You for sharing some of your childhood mischievous memories! I am glad you had such fun growing up. The tiger story resonated with me. Where I grew up, we called it, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” with the same storyline (i.e., inserting wolf for tiger). The lesson learned was the same. Some learned it, and some did not — lol. Again, Thank You for sharing! Blessings!

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  4. My childhood was good but I am enjoying my present stage of life more than any other stages. It is because I still am active and even in present day Covid-19 pandemic take challenges head on. Whatever comes good or not so good is taken with thanks giving to my Lord; this sort of a thinking was not there in any stage of my life.

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  5. I can relate to the “girl who cried wolf” syndrome. I was also prone to theatrics and then was bit by a snake. My family did not think I was telling the truth when I cried out for help. Thankfully, the snake wasn’t poisonous. I enjoyed your reflections.

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  6. *When i used to study with my sister, u wont blv what i used to do…
    Whenever she used to doze off in between, i used to draw her face in my school note book and used to blackmail her like i will show this photo to maa and bapa and will complain them that you were sleeping and not studying*. My punchline on this one.

    You actually enjoyed your early days and years. No moments of being battered by your sisters amd brothers.

    Kudos and thanks for sharing my friend..


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